Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Make Momma Laugh...

This morning when Avery woke up, I knocked on her door before going in to get her. From the other side I heard, "come in!" She's never said that before, and hearing it come out of her little mouth in her sweet voice made me smile.

When I walked in, she saw me, laughed, and said, "I just said come in..."

She's really growing up and discovering her language!

As I changed her diaper and got her ready for the day, she continued to amaze me and make me laugh, so I said, "You make Momma laugh!" She promptly answered, "ha, ha! I make momma laugh!"

These small incidents probably don't bring as much joy to others, but they sure do to me.


Lerra said...

Haha, that's great! And what a cute pic! :-)

Baron said...

Love the Avery stories, keep 'em coming!

Kenny Simpson said...

I like that she didn't refer to herself in the third person like she usually does.

Brooke Shands said...

She is so cute!!! She melts my heart!! I love this pic of her!!

katskloset said...

I like that Jamey is smart enough to treasure these memories and blessed enough not to be rushing through her day and miss them!

Love you both,