Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Baby Simp Number 3

Today we made it known to all that we will be having another baby in June. To be honest, I've gone through the gammet of emotions. I really want to be happy and excited, but sometimes I worry that money, patience, or time will run out. The Lord will be by our side through everything, and so far He has blessed us with healthy children. As of the ultrasound today, this little one was strong and kickin'...literally. It was amazing to watch a tiny human being, that is only 4.4 centimeters long, roll, kick, and throw arms around. Baby's little legs were wiggling around like they were slipping trying to stand up. It's such a miracle.

Braden started talking to the baby today, and Avery followed suit. I think getting to see it move around made it more real for them too. Braden would get shy and stop talking, but Avery just tells it goodnight and pats my belly. She asked if the baby was going to like her and if it would reach for her. I told her that it most definately would, and it would know their voices because it will have heard them talk to it for so long.

I can't imagine my life without the two perfect children I already have. I look forward to meeting this new one and watching it grow into another wonderful child.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Catch up as usual

Avery had her Thanksgiving program at school, and she was just a doll! I loved hearing their sweet voices, and watching them sing their songs. It was so fun to join in with the feast at lunchtime too! Daddy even got to join us!Braden has had a few heros on Daddy's football team this year. Number 2, Dustin, was his first obsession. Dustin is a neat kid who takes the time to play with Braden when others don't feel it's a priority. He is a senior this year, and his mom was putting together a scrapbook for him. She wanted to surprise him with pictures with Braden, so we took an afternoon to get to snap a few!Since Jon and Stacy moved to Honduras to begin the new chapter in their lives, we had to find a new holiday tradition at Thanksgiving. We were able to go to Texas for a few days, and it was quite possibly the best visit we've had in a long while. The kids helped Gramee plant some flowers, mom and I got lots of good time together, Kenny and Pop watched football, and too many other things to remember! Such fun!I got a new camera as an early Christmas present for myself. I have enjoyed trying to learn the tricks and ins and outs of taking better photos. I've had some pretty good subjects to practice on! Although I'm afraid they might all be tired of seeing mom with a camera on her face! Kenny even cooperated with a smile here and there...love the zoom!

Big news coming soon! Can't wait to share.