Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy weekend

I just love weekends were we don't have anything planned, but end up spending so much family time doing fun stuff together. We took the kids by a safety fair where they got to look in firetrucks, get balloon animals, play with puppies, and jump in a bouncy house. On the way home we stopped by the humane shelter and let the kids play with more animals. Saturday night we went to some friends house and had dinner and played games.

Sunday has been as equally good. After morning service, we enjoyed potluck then Braden led a sing during the afternoon service. He is always so proud if himself, as are we! The kids spent the afternoon playing with our neighbor's great grand kids and Kenny and I rested. Tonight we ate out at Wendy's then Kenny took us for an ice cream treat. Such a fun weekend. I love my family and feel so blessed to have them!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

These days...

The kids and I have been enjoying this perfect weather. They've wanted to take lots of walks and bike rides, and it seems we pick up some playmates along the way.

The baby is growing to be a healthy big boy! I'm 31 weeks along, but at the doctor today I measured 33. I've been measuring two weeks ahead the while time so they are going to do an ultrasound next appointment so we can see if he's getting big.

I've been sewing up burp cloths. They are so simple and it has been fun creating.