Monday, June 04, 2012

Braden's Fall

Today we took the kids to the Mickey pool for an afternoon of swimming. Avery was being her normal fish self, swimming all over the pool by herself. We were watching Braden splash around and practice "swimming" in the shallow end. He was also enjoying the slide. At one point he climbed up the ladder to the slide smiling. He gave me a big thumbs up, and when I looked at Kenny to see if he saw the thumbs up, I heard a thud. Braden had fallen from the top of the ladder and hit his back, side and head on the concrete. Kenny never runs to hurt kids, but he ran to pick him up. After we checked him over, he only had scrapes on his back and head. I am so thankful that God protected our little guy. I honestly believe that there were angels there catching him.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tball Time

The kids had their first tball game Monday night. They were so cute, and both did a great job of hitting and running. Avery isn't as interested, but is one of the best players on the team. She played the catcher position the first inning, and stopped every ball that came to her. She still needs a little practice throwing, but is doing very well to have not wanted to play in the first place. Braden of course is excited. He doesn't like playing in the field because "no one ever hits a ball" to him.

I love my kiddies, and it sure is fun watching them embark on new activities!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Baby Is Turning 7!

My Avery:
You are still as smart as ever, and you excel in math. You are reading on a third grade level, and you only just graduated from kindergarten! You are not interested in sports, but you have recently embarked on playing TBall with your brother, and you are one of the best ones on the team. This just goes to show that you are going to excel in whatever you put your mind to in the future. I am glad for you to go to school everyday, but am also glad to have you home for the summer. All seems right with the world when you are around. You are still a good big sister even when your crazy brother tries to drive you nuts. We only have about a month left until your baby brother arrives and you seem to be excited. You keep telling me that you don't want to have kids when you get older, that you want to adopt someone who doesn't have a momma or daddy. You like to play computer games, and are especially good at the strategy ones where you have to figure out which moves to make. You seem to be going through a growth spurt because I can't seem to keep your stomach full. You still love to swim, and look like a little fish in the water when you have your mask that covers your eyes and nose.

Your daddy and I still love you as much and more as we did the day we met you. We pray everyday that you grow up to continue to love God even more than you do now. You have such a tender heart, and I hope that never changes. We love you Avery Dean. I just can't believe you are turning 7!!

Friday, May 11, 2012


We got to have an ultrasound yesterday to see how big the baby is getting. He is about 5 1/2 pounds already and still is measuring two weeks ahead! Our ultrasound tech is awesome, and she gave us a glimpse of our sweet baby in 4D! The second I saw his sweet, chubby cheeks I barely could hold back the tears! It was amazing how it looked exactly like a picture or him! We are supposed to have seven weeks left, but they said to be preparing for more like five.

Avery graduates from kindergarten next Tuesday! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! My first sweet baby is growing up! My parents and brother are getting to come for the graduation, and mom is bringing all of Bennett's bedding that she has sewn! I look greats to getting it all put together!

Braden and Avery are both enjoying tball. They have had a few practices and will have their first game in a little over a week.

I've never been one to do well with change, and my world is going to be flipped upside down in a few weeks. I'm sure though it will soon become the new norm. I remember looking back trying to remember how life was with just Avery, and it's all fuzzy, so I'm sure the same will happen once Bennett gets here.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy weekend

I just love weekends were we don't have anything planned, but end up spending so much family time doing fun stuff together. We took the kids by a safety fair where they got to look in firetrucks, get balloon animals, play with puppies, and jump in a bouncy house. On the way home we stopped by the humane shelter and let the kids play with more animals. Saturday night we went to some friends house and had dinner and played games.

Sunday has been as equally good. After morning service, we enjoyed potluck then Braden led a sing during the afternoon service. He is always so proud if himself, as are we! The kids spent the afternoon playing with our neighbor's great grand kids and Kenny and I rested. Tonight we ate out at Wendy's then Kenny took us for an ice cream treat. Such a fun weekend. I love my family and feel so blessed to have them!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

These days...

The kids and I have been enjoying this perfect weather. They've wanted to take lots of walks and bike rides, and it seems we pick up some playmates along the way.

The baby is growing to be a healthy big boy! I'm 31 weeks along, but at the doctor today I measured 33. I've been measuring two weeks ahead the while time so they are going to do an ultrasound next appointment so we can see if he's getting big.

I've been sewing up burp cloths. They are so simple and it has been fun creating.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Artistic Avery

Who's proud of this gal?! I am! Avery's art teacher entered a piece she did in the contest at ASU museum in Jonesboro, and we just found out she placed! We won't know which place until the awards ceremony this Sunday! Go girl!! {Am I secrectly pleased she's turning out to be artistic? Why yes, yes I am...}

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm behind; far, far behind. Here are a few things Braden has done lately that I want to remember.

The kids were playing outside when I heard Avery yell her famous, "BRAden!" Seconds later the door swooped open with Braden stating, "I'm telling on MYself." Avery soon trudged behind him, hair and face dripping wet, speechless...

Earlier that day they were watching the workers pick up the trash. We talked about how hard they were working and that we should put our best into whatever it is we are doing. Braden then asked if he could be a 'trash trucker' when he grew up. "I don't know how to drive, so I probably couldn't do that part, but I do know how to pick up trash! I could do that!!"

On the way to church that night, the kids were being crazy, and a little gross in the back of the van. I announced, "Ok guys; let's not be so immature. Avery asked, "what's immature?" Kenny answered, "It means you're acting like you're two instead of six." Braden added, "Heehee; toot toot!"

After church on the way home, the kids were equally as hyper. I observed, "wow guys; you are crazy! Should we have cut out those cinnamon rolls you had for dessert?" {Long pause} Braden questioned with concern, "How do you cut them out?"

Monday, January 09, 2012

Braden's Thumb Surgery

Our Braden has been putting up with a locked thumb for quite some time now. It never seemed to slow him down, and he just adjusted for the inconvenience. For a while I didn't even notice it was that way, then we put it off thinking he might grow out of it, then we waited longer so he would be a little older before anything major took place. One night he was wrestling and started crying. Turns out his thumb had been forced straight; once the crying stopped, his thumb was stuck back in its crooked position.

Once we moved to Batesville this summer, we had several friends who were therapists and others in the medical field tell us it was time to get it looked at so we could have a solution to his problem. We went to Children's Hospital in Little Rock and were told that he had a fairly common problem of trigger finger. The tendon that allowed his thumb to open and close had a swollen knot at the end, thus not allowing it to move through the "tunnel" that held the tendon in place. Therefore his thumb was stuck bent. So, after an explanation of a simple surgery to loosen the "tunnel" allowing the knot to travel through, the pressure would be taken off and the knot would disappear.

Surgery was scheduled for January 4th at 11:30 a.m. We were able to feed Braden dinner the night before, but other than that he was not allowed to eat until after his surgery on Wednesday. I was worried that his slight congestion would be a problem with the anesthesia, but it turns out that it wasn't a problem at all.

We dropped Avery off at her teacher's house so she could ride to school with her, and then headed to Little Rock for the big day. We arrived early (around 9:00), instead of the allotted 9:30 time. After checking in, we were quickly ushered to a private room for Braden's prep. I was surprised at how quickly things were moving, until we were told that there had been a cancellation and he would be going in early. Even though this was a standard surgery, the momma in me was frightened for the anethesia.

After talking with several nurses, the surgeon, and the anesthesiologist, we were set to go. Braden was a little anxious in the beginning, as was I, because things were moving so quickly. Once we were in the room for a while, and since everyone was so friendly, he settled in and became his talkative self. They gave him "goofy juice" to calm him a little and make the transition of us leaving and him going to the operating room a little easier. Once that kicked in, he was sillier than ever.

The final nurses that came to talk to us, and take him back to surgery were great. One was a male, who reminded us of a good friend, and I think helped put Braden even more at ease. They talked and joked with each other like they were old pals. I don't think Braden would have even noticed us leaving if they hadn't started waving at us and saying bye.

Kenny and I were sent to the waiting room, where I realized once again how blessed we were. There were families around us who had been waiting for several hours, and one family who's child had been in surgery for three hours.

Before we knew it, the surgeon came out and told us it was all over. I finally heard the words I had been waiting for: "He's awake and breathing on his own.." This was only have about 20 minutes. We had to wait a while longer for him to wake up a little more, but then were able to join him in recovery. He said his tummy wasn't feeling very good so they let us go to a room to let him wake up a little more.

During his waking up time, his sweet little eyes were so drowsy, and he had so much medicine in his little body, he actually turned out to be quite the funny little guy. They gave him a popsicle to eat, and he kept missing his mouth. When nurses would ask him questions, his replies were delayed, and super funny coming from his mouth with slurred words. At one point, he replied to the nurse while throwing his casted arm around and slapping himself in the cheek with a popsicle, "I tell you what...I could eat popsicles All Day!" We imagined he was a bit tipsy, and it gave us all a good laugh.

After a while his emotions got a little confused. One minute he would be laughing, and the next he would be crying. Finally after some medicine to settle his stomach, we were released. Kenny took him to the car while I filled his pain prescription (which we didn't have to use at all!).

On our way home, we went by Chic Fil A, and Braden was almost back to his normal self. He was skipping and hopping with only a little stagger here and there. Once the medicine was out of his body, we laughed at how he had to adjust for the heavy cast throwing him off balance. We stopped by Target on the way home so he could pick out a treat for being such a trooper, then we headed home.

We pulled into town right as Avery was getting out of school, so we were able to pick her up from Felicia's classroom, where she was waiting since we didn't know when we would get back into town.

Once we were home, Braden got sick, and I felt so sorry for him because he tried to clean it up himself, and just cried that he was so sorry. I hoped I made him understand that he didn't do anything wrong at all. Later that afternoon, his favorite football players, Levi and Dustin came over to sign his cast.

Avery made sure she was the first one to put her name on it; front and center. We are thankful the cast only had to stay for 7 days because it covers his entire hand like a club to keep the stitches dry and clean. We did laugh at how excessive it seemed because it goes up almost to his shoulder. Luckily the weather has been mild so short sleeves have been sufficient!

Sweet Avery I think felt a little left out once she heard about the day that we all had together without her. Luckily the next day was my doctor's appointment and I checked her out of school so she could go too.

Braden and I leave early tomorrow to get to Little Rock for our 8:30 appointment to get his cast off. So proud of my little man. I think Daddy was hoping he could hone in on his left handed capabilities while the cast was on! We both were proud of how he compensated.