Thursday, September 02, 2010

Big Boy Room Revealed

I still need to add something to the wall that his headboard is up against. There is also a frame awaiting an updated picture that my friend, Ashley (over at, made for Braden when he was born. I am also probably going to do something to the top of his curtains to make them look like they belong in a big boy room instead of a nursery.

I thought I would go ahead a share a few pictures because some people have been asking how it turned out. Braden absolutely loves it, and the kids love playing in the open space almost more than Avery's room now.

I included a picture of Braden sleeping, and yes he does still sleep with a paci. Not a battle I choose to pick because it's not messing his teeth up, and I want to tackle one big step at a time. Enough defensiveness from me.