Monday, May 28, 2007

17 Weeks!

It's hard to believe we're approaching the half-way point in this pregnancy! I know the second half is the part that goes the slowest, but I look forward to every minute of it. I've been blessed so far with only a few, minor troubles, and we are thankful for that!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vacation Ideas, Anyone?

We would like to take a family vacation doesn't have to be extravagant...we're thinking inexpensive; within driving distance; fun for us and Avery....

Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fun Was Had By All!

We had so much fun Saturday! Avery's party was a success!

Kids, young and old, swam, ran and played. The gifts were more than generous, and Avery had a good time opening them.

The cake was her favorite! Blowing out the candles was the highlight of the day for her. Later that night she thanked God for 'blowing out candles" and kept saying, "again pease?"

Some kids had so much fun swimming, they decided to go for a second their clothes..then in their diapers...then in their real birthday suit! Well..not some, just Avery and Griffin.

We're so glad we were able to share this happy day with so many friends. Thanks everyone for making it a successful time! Avery thought she was a princess for the day!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Avery's Turning Two

This was Avery last year at her first birthday party. She dug in and loved every minute of it.

And now, Avery's turning two on Sunday. I can't believe it. She celebrates with her party tomorrow morning. Oh how time flies. And this is just the beginning.

I have found myself fretting over small things that don't matter about the party, and hope everything goes well. The thing is, Avery won't know the difference even if things don't go as planned.

We're going to be surrounded with friends and loved ones. The only thing that would make it better is if family could be here. Long distances stink.

Here's to you, Avery!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Little Helper Part II

Avery has helped me put clothes in the dryer for a while now. I'm beginning to think she's a perfectionist (or obsessive compulsive) like her momma because I'll set the clothes on the door to the dryer, and she'll shove them in. If they get piled up too high in the front, it bothers her, and she'll squirm until she's balanced on the door and arranges the clothes until they are all even from front to back.

The other day she ran up to the door of the laundry room while I was putting a load into the washing machine. "Avery do dat!" was what I heard, and she promptly started handing me clothes. For the second load later on, she was not pleased to just hand me clothes. She wanted to "do it self!"

So, I pulled a stool up to the washing machine and started handing her clothes. She was quick to arrange them in the washer just as even as in the dryer. At one point it started spinning before we finished putting the clothes in and she said, "close up!" and slammed the lid.

I'm glad she is already a hard worker at such a young age. I know these little chores will not be so much fun once she's 12 or 13, but I have pictures to prove that she once did enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Life In Pictures

I'm stealing this from Jason and Kenny. It's pretty neat.
Where I was born: Colorado
Where I call home: Dallas, TX
Where I live now: Montgomery

My name: Jamey Simpson...I sure hope this isn't true!
My grandmother: Virginia Jones...she looks nothing like this

Where I work: Home

Where I'd like to visit: Australia

Favorite food: macaronia and cheese..although this does not look too appetizing.

Favorite drink: root beer

Favorite smell: Spring
Where I have lived: Huntsville

A Top Ten Of My Own

For those of you who don't know, Kenny is King of Top Ten Lists. So, in honor of him, I thought I'd give my own list a try.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Kenny....Here's To You Babe.

10) You are a good example and encourager to others. Every student that you've ever taught has looked up to you. I know that has a lot to do with how you lead your own life.

9) You are always looking to better yourself. Whether it is moving up in your career, or wanting to learn about new things, I'm glad you're always looking forward.

8) You put up with me and my crazy moods! Anyone who can do that is a brave and patient. Thanks so much.

7) You are well liked and respected by others. A lot of this is because of your example and who you are, but it always makes me burst my buttons when parents and administrators come up to me and tell me what a good job they think you are doing.

6) You are funny. I always seem to forget that this is one of the main things that attracted me to you. Then I hear a comment that makes me laugh when I'm sad, or smile when no one else is looking.

5) You are very the point of brilliant. In previous relationships, I was used to being the smart one, (but now that I've adjusted!) it makes me feel secure that you will make wise decisions. It also is a plus that our children will inherit those genes as well!

4) You gave me a beautiful daughter and are a wonderful father to her. I couldn't ask for a better Daddy for Avery. I can see your personality and expression in her more each day.

3) You are a good leader. This is what helps make you the wonderful coach, father, husband and friend that you are. It comes natural for you to lead humbly.

2) You take care and provide for Avery and me. It makes me feel good that you sacrifice things and work hard so I am able to stay at home to raise Avery. We've never gone without, and I know it's because you would never allow that. Family is very important to you.

1) You are a strong Christian man who works for the Lord. I know this is the core of who you are, and is why you are as successful as you are. You are a very busy person, but you always find time to serve others.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our Online Adventure

Looking for fabulous finds?! Visit our new, easy to maintain site. Tell everyone you know! Spread the word.

"Hea Baby's Hotbeat?!"

With a gasp and wide eyes, Avery woke up this morning saying, "Hea baby's hotbeat?"

I've probably mentioned when we first started talking about the New Baby with Avery, she was not too pleased. "AVERY'S MOMMA'S BABY!" was the constant reply.

At last month's appointment we piled into the tiny office to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Kenny tried to keep Avery busy while the nurse searched with her doppler. Once the "whoow, whoows" were heard, Avery perked up. Kenny said, "Listen. Do you hear the baby's heartbeat?"

From that moment on, Avery would look around and say with big eyes, "listen; hea baby's hotbeat?" We were excited that she started warming up to the idea of new baby joining our family.

Now she proudly tells anyone who will listen that her heartbeat says, "bump, bump," while patting her chest. Daddy's and momma's sound the same too, but new baby's says, "whoow, whoow, whoow."

So, yesterday we started talking about how we were going to hear the heartbeat again this morning. Once piled in the office, the minutes ticked by during the search for the familiar sound.

This time, Avery knew immediately what it was. "I hea baby's hotbeat!" She told the nurse, the doctor, the appointment lady, and she still hasn't stopped talking about it.

Next month we get to hear and SEE baby! Avery's really excited about 'new baby's picture.' Everyday is an adventure.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Find Goldbug?"

For those of you who grew up without Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, I must say are really missing out. If you take the time to actually read the book, it has a fun story, not to mention all of the interesting and wild kinds of cars, vehicles, people, animals and everything else that's included. But to me, all that was important was Goldbug. My brother and I grew up racing threw the book to find the elusive "Goldbug." Of course my brother was older and always seemed to win, unless my mom purposely put her thumb over Goldbug until I realized which page we were on so I could beat him to the punch.

After it was all said and done, we basically memorized every position, car, truck and pickle that Goldbug was in on each page.

Now we have introduced Goldbug to Avery. My mom knew how much fun we had with the book, so she purchased it for Avery last Christmas. The first time I cracked the binding of the new book, I wondered if I could still find Goldbug. With the turn of each page, memories rushed over me, and I found myself racing to find Goldbug. I shared the excitement with Avery, but for some reason she did not get into it like I did.

Until recently....

...I am now the proud mother of a daughter who can flip through the first six pages of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go and immediately find Goldbug. Let me tell you, he's not easy to find. On many pages, all you see are his eyes and antenae. And she can find him. Ah; I'm so proud.

Last night, she read "Goldbug" with her daddy, and I must say I enjoyed watching them race to find him together. Avery beat him for the most part. On the pages she has not yet memorized, if you tell her what color car he's in, she finds him soon after. (Kenny can too after a little searching.)

It's now one of her favorite things to do, and I hear her say often, "Fine Goltbug?" while dragging the large, purple book my way...."wae's Goltbug?" she says...then, "Der he is!"

So, if you're ever in our neck of the woods, drop by to see if you can find Goldbug.

Can you find Goldbug? Avery Can!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Did This To MySELF

Avery puts herself in the craziest predicaments, only for me to find shortly. Here are a few pics that are sure to bring some laughs.

In other news...

Today was such a pretty day that I decided to pull out the ole' swimming pool and let Avery have a ball. She was not too crazy about the idea of sitting down in the water, but had a blast kicking, swatting, marching, and exclaiming, "Ants!" everytime a small black object floated by.

We had fun and got a little sun in the process.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Make Momma Laugh...

This morning when Avery woke up, I knocked on her door before going in to get her. From the other side I heard, "come in!" She's never said that before, and hearing it come out of her little mouth in her sweet voice made me smile.

When I walked in, she saw me, laughed, and said, "I just said come in..."

She's really growing up and discovering her language!

As I changed her diaper and got her ready for the day, she continued to amaze me and make me laugh, so I said, "You make Momma laugh!" She promptly answered, "ha, ha! I make momma laugh!"

These small incidents probably don't bring as much joy to others, but they sure do to me.