Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Life In Pictures

I'm stealing this from Jason and Kenny. It's pretty neat.
Where I was born: Colorado
Where I call home: Dallas, TX
Where I live now: Montgomery

My name: Jamey Simpson...I sure hope this isn't true!
My grandmother: Virginia Jones...she looks nothing like this

Where I work: Home

Where I'd like to visit: Australia

Favorite food: macaronia and cheese..although this does not look too appetizing.

Favorite drink: root beer

Favorite smell: Spring
Where I have lived: Huntsville


Stacy said...

All your pictures are so perfect...did you use the first one that popped up??? Good mosaic.

Jamey said...

On most of them, I used first one...I think one or two I used second or third...most of the
'places' popped up maps first, and I wanted a prettier picture.

The Canterburys said...

AHHH! So the poof is the lufa?

Then what was the thing I called a lufa? It kinda looks like a spunge but is just about as hard as a rock.

Can I still call it Carl? ;)

Kenny Simpson said...

Nice pictures, except the name one. Don't worry it isn't true.

Lerra said...

I'm totally stealing this idea...