Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who's Who Part Two

The more I do this, the harder it is for me to try to 'trick' people into figuring out who is who. Mainly because they are normally wearing pink or blue, and it doesn't help that I normally had a bow stuck to Avery's bald head.

Comparing pictures has shown me that they don't look as much alike as I remember in my head, but I still think they resemble each other. It's neat to see their differences.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter weekend. Saturday was the easter egg hunt at church, complete with bouncers and slides. Avery enjoyed them all until the big kids took over and got a little rough.

Sunday morning before church we had a mini egg hunt in the house. Avery ran around saying, "another one!" She picked each up, one at a time, ran to put them in her basket before heading back for more finds.

That evening we went to small group at Brooke and Jerry's house. They were so kind to have another egg hunt for the kiddies.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beach Trip!

Thursday before Spring Break started, Kenny said, "maybe we should go to the beach next week." Of course I got excited for the opportunity to get away, have some fun in the sun, and I knew Avery would just love it!

We got there Tuesday afternoon after a trip in the car with Avery saying, "momma, I want to go to the beach" every five minutes for the entire three hours. Once in Gulf Shores, we went straight to the sand. Avery loved it! She ran in circles saying, "this is fun!" Braden thought it was pretty neat too, but decided he needed to take a nap while Avery and daddy played in the water. After taking a wave to the face, she decided it was time to build sand castles with momma instead.

Unfortunately, Wednesday morning welcomed us with rain and wind so we went bowling. Avery was all about it for five frames, then busied herself with other things. I bowled on to victory over Kenny! That afternoon, the rain stopped, so we took Avery by the beach again. It was frigid, so Kenny took Avery to look for seashells while Braden and I stayed snuggled up in a blanket. That night we went to Lamberts, home of the famous throwed rolls. Kenny and I enjoyed it, but the kids had other plans. Avery was spent from the day with no nap, and Braden didn't like all the noise. So, after a rushed dinner we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the whirlpool. Braden layed beside us, and Avery soaked her feet. After American Idol's castoff, we were off to bed.

Thursday's weather proved to be much nicer, so after checkout, we went back to the beach. Avery was unsure of the water at first, but finally dipped her feet in and let the waves slap against her legs. She thought it was fun to let the waves chase her back up the beach, and would momentarily let go of daddy's hand to do her running, but soon was back in the safety of Daddy's arms. At one point she was brave enough to sit down and let the water come to her. Meanwhile, Braden slept in my arms.

After a fall that broke open one of her existing scratches, letting in stinging salt water, Avery was finally ready to go "back to Montgomery." I spent the trip home in the backseat. Can we say cramped?

I know there probably is a lot that I'm leaving out, but I'm working off of three hours of sleep. Maybe Kenny can fill in the spots where I left out.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Have You Ever

I know most mommas (and daddies) can say that they have been peepeed on, pooped on, spit up on....

Can you say that you have had squash

in......your eye?

Last night, whilst trying to defend the baby food jar from Braden's right jabs, along with successfully getting the spoon into his mouth before he pushes it back out with his tongue, he sucker punched me with a left upper hook!

Needless to say the jar of half eaten food went flying into the air, bounced off the table, then chair, then me, then floor, and landed right side up.

All the while, food was flying faster than the jar was bouncing. Who knew all of the places it would land. There I sat, my eyelashes were matted together like Braden's eye during the pink eye episodes, and I also had it on my temple, in my ear, and my hair. I continued to find squash as the night drew on.

I've never felt sexier.

But it's all worth it for this little man.

Tell me some of your stories!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who's Who?

This one is easy...more to come.

Yummy Sweet Potatoes; Sweet Siblings

I like my food momma! We have also discovered that he likes squash just as much as sweet potatoes. He's not a big fan of cereal anymore. I guess it doesn't have enough flavor!

When Braden fell over, Avery said, "oh dear! It's okay momma, I caught him."

Her juice was too cold so we needed to "wrap it up so my hands won't get chilly."

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Four Months Old

I'm 17 lbs 3 oz. (My weight last month was not accurate...I was really 16 lbs), and I'm still in the 90th percentile.

I'm 27" long, putting me in the 95th percentile!

My head is 44.5 cm, keeping me in the 90th percentile.

My doctor likes to say, "He's just big all over!"

I've been eating cereal for a little bit now, and momma says I get to start veggies now too.

My ear infection has cleared up, but now I have fluid on the other ear.

I also have pink both eyes, and am congested.

I like to lay on my tummy in my boppy and watch the toy monkey walk around.

Avery still cracks me up all the time.

My favorite thing to do is flirt with girls. I'll give men a smile, but girls are prettier and more fun to laugh with.

My momma is wrapped around my little finger.

Naps are getting longer and more consistent, but now I like to wake up a lot in the middle of the night. Momma says she's really tired so I need to work on that.

I'm really alert to everything around me.

I still like to be held, but I will be content to sit and watch.

Books are quickly becoming some of my favorite things to look at; especially the ones with the bright colors.

I can grab things in my lap, and have started to reach for some things held in front of me.

I went to my first track meet this month, and will be going to several more.

I took my first extended road trip, and will be taking a longer one soon.

I am still a very happy baby, who makes his parents feel very blessed.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Life in a Nutshell

Hey guys! How's it going?!

Avery's showing Braden how things work....

After painting her toenails, Avery insisted that we take a picture to document it. Spring weather = pretty toenails. (Complete with a tomboy scratch!)

First frenchbraids....

Cutie patootie practicing her wink!