Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm One!

My birthday was Wednesday the 29th, but we aren't going to celebrate until Saturday. Mom says she feels bad that she hasn't put as much attention into planning my first birthday party as she did for Avery, but I told her as long as there is cake I'll be fine.

I went to the doctor today and weighed in at 26 pounds, 13.8 ounces, and I'm 31" tall. There were so many new things to explore in the doctor's office, and I kept everyone laughing while I grinned and ran from one side of the room to the other. I wasn't grinning as much after I had to get four shots, but mom says they will help me not get really sick. I also found out that I have an ear infection. Mom is glad to know the reason why I have been waking up screaming during the night.

I have been taking steps since I was 10 1/2 months old, but still liked to crawl more than walk until I was about 11 1/2 months old. Now I am pretty close to running everywhere. I have to go fast to keep up with Avery.

There are always bumps and bruises on my forehead and face because I do get wobbly when I'm tired.

My favorite things to play with are my blue bear, blue blanket, and any kind of ball. I do like to read books, and it's funny to try to take away anything Avery is playing with.

I have been eating table foods since I was nine months old, and I'm working on switching to milk over formula.

There are eight sharp teeth in my mouth, and I love to show them off when I smile.

I still have a very laid back personality and like to meet new people.

Daddy is proud of me because I become mesmorized when football and baseball are on TV. Momma laughs and knows exactly where I get it from.

I still take two naps a day.

Bathtime is the best! Water is so much fun to splash. Momma says I get a little carried away since the entire bathroom is soaked by the time I'm finished.

I'm still a Daddy's boy. I can be upset and squirmy with Momma, but the second Daddy walks in the door, my world is fine.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big Milestone For Little Big Man

It seems weird to me that I have not posted about this great milestone in Braden's life. I think it's because his steps started about a month ago and were pretty sporadic. It seemed like an ongoing process that I thought I would tell about when it was 'finished'.

Since he's my baby, and I seem to want to keep it that way, I haven't committed to saying that Braden is walking. I guess now that he is walking more than he is crawling, it might be time for me to take that step.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Braden's Buddy

This is Braden's newest pal, Lucas. Let me tell you that I absolutely adore Lucas (almost as much as Braden does). He is one of the nicest, well-mannered, respectful, 17 year old kids you will find.

Most of the kids Kenny teaches, as well as the ones we coach, love our kids. They'll take them and play with them, but normally get bored, then either bring them back to us after only a few minutes or just let them run off on their own.

Not Lucas. He's different. He will seek us out, take Braden, then hold him hostage from everyone else who wants to play with him. Lucas is the real deal; not only in it for the good times, but also calms Braden down if he gets upset. Sometimes we have to find Lucas and make him give up Braden so we can go home.

Lucas and his family are new to ACA this year, and let me tell you that they have all been a blessing to everyone they come in contact with. I could write for days, describing their servant hearts, and how they have impacted several lives.

Lucas told me one day that he wanted twelve kids...all like Braden.

I want Braden to be Lucas when he's 17.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Purple Petals and Pink Casts

Look what my sweet hubby brought me yesterday! ...Just because...
Avery got her cast of Tuesday morning. She didn't like the noise of the cutter, but other than that she did okay. I couldn't decide if she was more pitiful right after the break or right after the cast came off.
We brought the cast home, and everytime I saw it, I thought Avery's arm was laying around without her body! Weird.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fair Was Great in 2008!

Avery has looked forward to this year's trip to the Fair the minute last year's trip was complete! On opening weekend, we loaded up the kids along with our friends Dawn and Chris, and headed that way. Avery was so patient because it felt like it took a while to get going.

When we got inside the gates, Kenny headed toward the barnyard animals; he knew Avery and Braden would enjoy seeing them. Of course Avery saw all the rides the minute we entered the Fairgrounds, so she had her mind set elsewhere.

Once we perused through stinky territory, we told Avery it was time to get her wristband so she could ride the rides. After waiting in that line, we were told we had to go wait in another line to sign a waiver since her arm was in a cast. So, after treking back and forth across what felt like the entire length of the park three times, we were set to ride.

Avery picked to go in fun house first. Of course she was content to go through that a million times before we reminded her that there were several other rides she could go on as well. All of the favorites from years past were chosen: the caterpillar roller coaster, balloons, merry go round, cars, motorcycles, big slide, and so much more.

We decided the height requirement had been raised this year because she was barely able to sneak on several rides that we know she rode last year. Poor Braden will just have to wait longer now to enjoy the fun that Avery enjoyed earlier.

There was a new experience that will probably be the first and last all in one. I don't remember what it was called, but it was the mini version of the ride that takes you to the top, then drops you. I was concerned that she would not enjoy it, but she said she would be fine. She looked so tiny in the big seat, and I'm sure she felt like she was a million feet up in the air. When it took her to the top, her face was happy. As it dropped, her eyes showed concern. Then as it continued to raise and lower very quickly, she started crying and screamed, "I want this ride to be over!!! Now!!!" The girl next to her was much older, and was very sweet to console her. If the ride had not ended when it did, everyone would have seen a crazy momma climbing and grabbing for her baby.

By the end of the night, Avery was pooped as was Daddy. This year he drew the short straw to have to ride all the rides. He wanted to spend the time with Avery, but he didn't want to deal with the effects of dizziness and upset stomach. I loved watching them together, and I know he had fun.

Braden was perfect little Braden the whole time. He was content to sit in his stroller and enjoy the lights and sounds, but we got him out every now and then to play. I think he enjoyed being at eye level better than knee level.

It was a night jammed full of fun and entertainment with friends and family, and we all look forward to next year!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Drama Queen & Artist

Yeah; I don't know either. She did this to herself. She said she was going outside to throw snowballs.

My sister is so crazy!

Avery's latest masterpiece! She created this especially for her Pop.