Sunday, September 30, 2007

Getting Bigger...

... Or so everyone says. Well, guess what? That is what is supposed to happen when you're 35 weeks pregnant!

Avery is also getting bigger, but for different reasons. I believe this will be one of the rare times you will see a Simpson gal in a cheerleader uniform. However, cheerleaders are her newest favorite things. Her eyes light up everytime she sees them at the football games and pep rallys. Friday night I put this outfit on her to see how huge it was. It is definately too big, but when I tried to take it off she said, "but momma, I need my cheeleeda outfit." So, I pinned it here and there so it wouldn't fall off of her during her Daddy's game.

Also in funny news: At the football game Friday, she tried to get Kenny's attention on the sideline. It was right before the third quarter so things were pretty quiet. Out of the blue you hear, "Daddy! Hey Daddy!" When there was no reply, she hollared, "Daddy Simpson!!!!!" Even though he didn't hear her, everyone in the stands did, and she got a good laugh.

I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of my time with her as an only child. I know I will still have time alone with her, but I'm sure it will never be the same once Braden gets here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

First Ponytail

Avery has had lots of pigtails, but never a ponytail. Last night we discovered her hair was long enough all over to finally have a ponytail! Another simple milestone in her life!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


We won both of our volleyball games on Tuesday. Maybe my post was lucky! Hopefully we'll do well in tonight's game!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

My middle school volleyball season is almost over. There is always the part of me that is sad, but another part is relieved to get some rest. I've just been glad to have something besides Avery to keep me busy during football season. The days seem long enough even with me being gone for games and practice, but they get even longer when I don't have that to keep me busy while we wait for Kenny to get home.

Avery has been lucky to get to spend time with Daddy before school and during first period while I'm running practice. I guess we're all going to have some adjusting to get used to.

...And then...there will be another little Simpson to fill the void!

But I digress.

The season has been a decent one. Our loss column is more full than the win column, but when I sit back and review, I can see how far the girls have come. I can take pride in seeing what I have taught them, and how their talent has taken them the rest of the way. I guess that's all that matters; at least that's what we are supposed to say right? Winning doesn't matter? It's been a good group this year; I've really enjoyed getting to know all of their personalities. I will be sad as the last day of practice approaches.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So, We've Decided...

Braden James Simpson

(Disclaimer: Since I am a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind!)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Going In For The Kill...

We made cookies on Friday. Avery enjoyed it...a lot.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun Stuff

I love hearing Avery and Kenny laugh and talk together. I love seeing them snuggle together. I love my family.
And in other news....check out my birthday present from my brother!!! Beautiful curtains for the living and dining rooms. (I haven't finished hanging the dining room ones yet; hence, no picture.) The picture does not do the fabric's a wonderful beige background, with an orange flower to match the sofa...get this..the leaves match the wall color perfectly! I'm amazed that Jason could pick that out all the way in Dallas. Talent.

Sublime Consign!

I love consignment sales. Normally, I wait until half price day to do my major shopping, but this year I decided to venture out with a new friend on opening day. (There was a huge sale going on in the basement of the store where I have my booth.) It was good to see what all they had, but I did not see anything that was not worth waiting for half off day.

With Avery in tow, I ventured back out today. They still had quite a few things, and of course the diaper bag I had my eye on was marked ND (no discount). I had such luck finding clothes for Baby Boy, but did not bother looking for Avery because of my mom's friend who passes along everything from her two daughters. (Sidenote: Thanks to her, Avery has a closet full of Gymboree, Baby Gap, and Children's Place clothes...for the Summer, Fall and Winter! Yahoo!)

Last week, while Kenny and I registered for the new baby at Target, we tossed the idea around that we might need a double stroller. I waivered because I don't really use a stroller for Avery now, but thought it would be handy when there is another baby to keep up with.

Well, today at the fantastic half off consignment sale, I found a Graco double stroller in great condition for.....drumroll please.....$25!!!! Go us!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Miss Independent

This morning on Sesame Street, Elmo talked about washing hands. After a while, Avery disappeared so I went to look for her. This is what I found.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Pamper Me!

There are some perks that come along with getting older....It's nice to have a birthday in the middle of volleyball season. Gift cards from the team are fantastic!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Last Week

I've been so consumed with volleyball lately that I haven't had time to post recent pictures.

A few weeks ago, Uncle Jase (my brother) came to visit us. He hasn't seen Avery since Christmas, so they had a blast together. Avery was excited to pick him up at the airport and ask him about his flight on the airplane, but once he actually got here, she was pretty shy. By the evening, they were best buddies, and she of course was disappointed to see him go. She's running out of room on her little finger to wrap people around! We enjoyed the visit.

Avery's Nona (Kenny's mom) started a new thing with her since they have to carry on a long distance relationship. She and Big Daddy (Kenny's Dad) color pictures, take a picture of them coloring, then send it to Avery. Here, you'll see a picture of Avery returning the favor with a picture of her own!

In other news, I don't think I ever posted a picture of the dress I made Avery. It was easy, and out of a pillow case!

Brooke and Jerry were out of town for Labor Day, so we had a houseguest last weekend. His name is Hitch, and he and Avery love each other. For those of you who may know Hitch, he's pretty high strung. I even thought he might be on crack or something at the beginning, but finally he calmed down...when it was time for him to go home. He was fun to have around, making Avery's newest phrase, "Hitch is crazy!" I would have to agree, but they had more fun wrestling, running, playing fetch, sleeping, and watching tv together. Curtis (our poser dog) even got a little jealous, even though he never wants to play with Avery. To wrap it up, neither Hitch, or Avery were still long enough to get a good picture except this one. They must have needed a break, and it didn't last long!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007