Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007


Can You Watch TV Like This?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Time...Last Time

First Memory: I remember lots of things from when I lived in Colorado, which would make me 2 or 3. The most vivid memories include having horrible nightmares each night. There are also good memories of trips with my family, etc.

First Real Kiss: I think I was 15 when it actually meant something. When I was in 5th grade, everyone used to meet after school to see who was brave enough to kiss someone. Apparently this kid, Cody, and I were brave enough for a quick peck.

First Concert: It was a Beach Boys/Chicago combo. I still remember shopping for the perfect flip flops to match the shirt I picked out to wear!

First Love: I think there are different kinds of love, some much more mature than others. First "love," high school boyfriend. First everlasting love, Kenny of course.

First Crush: If you go back and read my journals from school, you'd think I was boy crazy, but I'm assuming my first crush would be one of my older brother's friends.

First Thing you Think of in the Morning: Sure wish Avery would sleep a little longer...

First Book you remember loving: Cars and Trucks and Things That Go (find Goldbug?)

First Question you'd ask in heaven: I have tons of questions, but I'm sure once I'm there none of them will matter.

First Best Friend: Holly Boyer. When we moved to Texas, we stayed pen pals for a long time. She was a great sticker trader!

Last Time You Dressed Up: Church last Sunday. Fancy Smancy dress up would probably be when we went on our cruise three years ago. (There needs to be more opportunities for girls to get "dolled up.")

Last Book You Read: Patricia Cornwell's Black Notice

Last CD You Bought: Carrie Underwood's new album for part of Kenny's father's day gift.

Last Time You Cried: Tears welling: today; Boo Hoo: yesterday. Yes, I'm pregnant.

Last Movie You Saw: Man of the Year..decent movie.

Last Time You Told Someone You Love them: Earlier today to Kenny

Last Funny thing you did: Who knows?

Last Thing You watched on TV: Kenny's channel surfing and there is some weird Japanese movie on with horrible voiceovers...I hope we get to watch something else once I'm finished here.


Avery had become quite the Copycat. She has always tried to mimic things we do, but now it's to the point where she gets very frustrated if she can't do everything that we're doing.

Not only does she like to do the things we do, she repeats EVERYTHING you say. Not just words, but the entire sentence, and she starts repeating about two words into it so it's a little confusing to talk because you hear yourself and her saying the same things.

We've decided we're to a point where we need to take a break, so today has been a day of rest for us. (Especially good because we stayed out late last night and all need a good nap this afternoon.) So, Kenny was playing XBox when Avery came along and thought she needed to help. She picked up "her" controller, pulled up a chair, and this is the result. Of course every time Kenny cheered, she would copy.

For a few minutes she got sidetracked and read some books, piddled in the kitchen, etc. Just as I was about to close the blog, I heard her walk to her daddy, pick up her controller, plop down in her chair, and say, "I'm back!"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Air Force Gal and Her Proud Daddy

Today while we cleaned out the baby's room, we found some clothes that had been packed away when we found out Avery was a girl instead of a boy. Included was a jacket that used to be Kenny's when he was little.

I have had the joy of seeing Avery wear, play with, listen/watch tapes, etc. that I used to watch when I was little, but there haven't been too many things of Kenny's that he has been able to enjoy through Avery.

So, you can imagine the look on his face when he put the jacket on Avery today. His eyes lit up when he saw how proud she was to "wear Daddy's jacket!" She did not want to take it off; even to go outside, get in the hot car, and drive to school to drop Daddy off. When we got home, it was time for her nap, and I had to do some major bargaining to get her to take it off so she would be comfortable to sleep. She knows exactly where it's hanging and agreed to take it off only if she could put it right back on the second she woke up!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our Room

Here are pictures of the master bedroom. There's not much to say except that I don't have drapes yet, and nothing is on the walls. In most parts of our house we don't have things hanging up yet because the walls are made of plaster and could crack if you nail or screw things into it. So, we're going to use the picture molding and hang things the old fashioned way with wire and hooks. I think it's going to remind me of an art gallery.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Avery's Room

I guess I technically finished getting Avery's room straight before we left for Huntsville, but her bedding finally came in so I thought I'd wait to post pictures until it was complete. In actuality, I've realized that it's still not complete. Her name will be hung on the wall above her bed, but we have not had a chance to do that yet. For the irony of it all, her bedding has been at the store the entire time, I've just been receving contradictory emails. That's definately not something I'm going to stress about though.

I'm really pleased with the way it all came together, but most importantly, Avery LOVES it! She constantly talks about her new room, pink curtains, new pink rug, and her Big Girl Bed. Sometimes during the day I realize I haven't heard from her in a while only to find her in her room playing.

Monday, July 16, 2007


As Kenny mentioned, we've had a very busy few weeks. Right when we got in the house and were able to start getting settled, it was time to hit the road again. My mind raced the entire time we were gone, trying to figure out what to start on first when we got back.

Well, we're home now, but there is only so much unpacking you can do in a day without getting 'sloppy.' I want things to be put away in a neat order, but by the end of the day, I find myself starting to cram things in closets instead of finding a better home for it. This is when I decide to take a break.

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who helped so much getting the house ready and of course during the final move as well. My mom was here, and she's a picture-taker, so we have a picture of the group that helped us move. I'm not sure it's the entire group, but it was most of us. (I say us, but really feel like I didn't help much in the heavy lifting department...I'll make up for it after this baby comes.)

People have asked when I'm going to post pictures of the house...we'll not until the rooms are presentable of course. Some are finished, so I may update along the way.

I also feel like I haven't done justice talking about my family's visit. Maybe one of these days when I catch my breath I'll elaborate on how wonderful it was. To sum it up, Avery thoroughly enjoyed her Grammy and Pop, and of course they loved getting to be around her too. My dad worked his head off the entire time trying to get the house ready so we could move in. (Kenny learned quite a bit, and at times could be found under the house or on the roof!) Grammy worked her head off keeping Avery occupied so I could come to the house to work as well. It was a long awaited and much needed visit. Of course when they left, I started to miss them, but a few hours after they were on the road, we left for our trip as well. It was not until last night when I walked into the house and knew they weren't going to be there with us when the sadness hit hard. There are always future trips to look forward to, but I'm afraid they are always too few and far between.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Moving Party!

Moving Party at the Simpson's Thursday at 6:00 p.m. if anyone's free!