Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Baby Simp Number 3

Today we made it known to all that we will be having another baby in June. To be honest, I've gone through the gammet of emotions. I really want to be happy and excited, but sometimes I worry that money, patience, or time will run out. The Lord will be by our side through everything, and so far He has blessed us with healthy children. As of the ultrasound today, this little one was strong and kickin'...literally. It was amazing to watch a tiny human being, that is only 4.4 centimeters long, roll, kick, and throw arms around. Baby's little legs were wiggling around like they were slipping trying to stand up. It's such a miracle.

Braden started talking to the baby today, and Avery followed suit. I think getting to see it move around made it more real for them too. Braden would get shy and stop talking, but Avery just tells it goodnight and pats my belly. She asked if the baby was going to like her and if it would reach for her. I told her that it most definately would, and it would know their voices because it will have heard them talk to it for so long.

I can't imagine my life without the two perfect children I already have. I look forward to meeting this new one and watching it grow into another wonderful child.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Catch up as usual

Avery had her Thanksgiving program at school, and she was just a doll! I loved hearing their sweet voices, and watching them sing their songs. It was so fun to join in with the feast at lunchtime too! Daddy even got to join us!Braden has had a few heros on Daddy's football team this year. Number 2, Dustin, was his first obsession. Dustin is a neat kid who takes the time to play with Braden when others don't feel it's a priority. He is a senior this year, and his mom was putting together a scrapbook for him. She wanted to surprise him with pictures with Braden, so we took an afternoon to get to snap a few!Since Jon and Stacy moved to Honduras to begin the new chapter in their lives, we had to find a new holiday tradition at Thanksgiving. We were able to go to Texas for a few days, and it was quite possibly the best visit we've had in a long while. The kids helped Gramee plant some flowers, mom and I got lots of good time together, Kenny and Pop watched football, and too many other things to remember! Such fun!I got a new camera as an early Christmas present for myself. I have enjoyed trying to learn the tricks and ins and outs of taking better photos. I've had some pretty good subjects to practice on! Although I'm afraid they might all be tired of seeing mom with a camera on her face! Kenny even cooperated with a smile here and there...love the zoom!

Big news coming soon! Can't wait to share.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

Avery decided she wanted to be an angel this year, and I actually had her outfit made about a month in advance. Braden was originally going to be a gladiator, but in the end he decided to go with Batman from last year. Still just as cute. Avery enjoyed her costume at school on
Friday, then they both got to wear costumes to the Fall Festival at church Sunday, then we went trick or treating with the Johnston's on Monday night. Full fun weekend!

Braden's Birthday

I can't believe my little man is 4 years old! He is still the loving, fun, energetic, active, happy little boy he has always been! We are so blessed that God chose our family to put him in. We love you little man. We had a smallish birthday party at the house for him, and we all enjoyed fun and time with friends.

Pumpkin Patch

Avery had her first field trip to the pumpkin patch this year. It was so much fun, and Braden had a ball joining right in with her class. They got to play on the playground, go through a corn maze, pick cotton, go on a hayride, pet animals, and pick a pumpkin. I enjoyed getting to know some of the other parents on the trip as well.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Avery had been playing with my phone during Braden's soccer game and didn't know I had taken it back. I heard her realize, "oh no! Where is momma's phone!?" she gathered some friends for a search party under the bleachers. One friend pointed out a flower with which Avery responded adamantly, "I KNOW it's pretty, but DON'T look at it because we HAVE to find this PHONE!!"

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


This morning during breakfast Braden decides, "Momma, I'm don't like babies. I think I'm allergic to them."

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soccer 2011

Braden has started soccer for the first time this Fall. This will be his first organized activity to participate in, and he's loving it! I think his favorite part is his jersey because "it's sort of like the football boys' jerseys..."

He has had three games so far, and has scored two goals. One for his team and one for the other team! I love going to cheer him on each Saturday morning, and I can't help but imagine if this is a taste of things to come when he gets more grown up and plays other sports.

My Great Helper

The kids always enjoy helping out wherever they can around the house. Today was no different when Braden and I decided to paint the front porch railing. He did such a good job following directions, and I was pretty impressed with his skills!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Little Tree Hugger

Avery has always been my little conscientious one regarding all things earth. Whether it's concerning recycling, not littering, or wasting natural resources, Avery will be the first to correct you.

(On a side note, I think her fabulous teacher, Mrs. Cummings, added even more brownie points in Avery's book yesterday when she told the class, "The Earth is NOT your trashcan..")

But I digress.

Today while on the way to school Avery told me of all the things she and her friends did at recess yesterday. During the part where they all gathered up rocks, sticks, etc, she remembered she found a humongous piece of bark. "Oh man!" She sputtered. "I should have saved that bark and given it to the paper makers to use since that tree was already cut apart. I really, really don't want them to have to cut down a whole other tree! Especially those trees because they are so beautiful!"

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Remember this? Well, this picture was taken, three years later, at another football game. Lucas and some other great kids from ACA came up from Harding to support Kenny's football team. I love that they still somehow have their little bond!

More Bradenisms

While watching the beginning of Tom and Jerry, where the lion roars, Braden states: "Momma, if that lion were here in the living room with us, I would.....I would....well, would you pick me up and run?!"

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Tonight Avery and I had such a good time having girl time getting her ready for bed, and we of course had to primp after her shower.

When we re-joined the boys, Avery told Braden we had been "primping."

Braden looked at me and questioned, Momma...do boys 'print' too?"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch up

As usual, I've let Facebook get in the way and haven't kept my journal up to date.

Grammy and Pop came to visit for my birthday. It was so much fun.

Braden has started soccer.

Avery starts gymnastics today.

Kenny has had two football games, and won both!

We are settling in to town now. It's fun that you can see people you know and wave now. We're not outsiders anymore.

Last night was our first small group meeting with a new group of friends. I look forward to building stronger relationships with each of them.

Jon and Stacy and the kids are coming this weekend for their last hurrah before moving to Honduras.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet 6

One Year Old Avery

Two Year Old Avery

Three Year Old Avery

Four Year Old Avery

Five Year Old Avery

Happy Birthday 6 Year Old! My strong, determined, brilliant, quirky, lovable, kind, considerate, spunky, pleasing Avery. You have truly blessed the past 6 years of my life. I'm glad I get to be your momma.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ode To Barlow

Barlow has been in our family for almost three years now. We used to have a Pekignese dog, and when he passed away we decided to wait on having another pet for a while.  When Braden was very small we could tell he was an animal lover, and Avery has a gentle spirit with animals too.  Enough time had passed for us to 'mourn' Curtis so we decided to visit the humane shelter to pick out our next family pet.  

We told the people there we wanted a dog who was already trained, but still young enough so he could grow up with our family.  I'll never forget the first time I saw Barlow when she brought him out.  He was so handsome, a great size, and a bit goofy.  The kids were immediately drawn to him, and loved chasing and playing with him in the 'meet and greet' yard.  We brought him home, and he has been part of our family ever since. 

Since Barlow was already trained, we could tell someone had spent a lot of time with him.  I've often wondered what his story was before he had us.  He walks excellently on a leash, even letting Avery walk him when she was only three years old.  Barlow has let Braden waller all over him from the beginning, and hasn't ever snapped at him.  He spends a lot of time inside with us, but also loves being in the yard.  Gladly he hasn't been a big barker, only warning us when people are approaching or another animal walks by.  In the evenings he likes to curl up beside me on the couch or the floor. 

It has been fun watching him grow with the kids.  He started in his chewing stage, but has since outgrown that.  He is still relatively young so he has his excited, hyper times of the day, but does calm down and sprawl out in the sunshine for naps.  He loves his time with the kids, but he also enjoys being alone when he needs to be outside.  When it's bedtime, he knows to go to his crate, and oftentimes we will find him in there before we even tell him it's time. 

Barlow has been a blessing for our family. 

I write all of this because unfortunately, situations have arisen where we will be moving soon.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but since we will be renting, the house we have found does not have a fenced yard, and the people have said no animals inside the house.  Barlow is truly a part of our family, and this seems to be a deal breaker for Avery.  She says she just doesn't want to go if Barlow can't come with us.  We've used this opportunity to teach her that sometimes situations arise and we just have to roll with the punches. We have also taught her that we did make a committment to take care of him as our pet, but we will continue to take care of him by finding him an excellent home. 

So, I write this to record our memories of him, and also send a plea to those out there who might be thinking about bringing a wonderful animal into their home to become part of their family.  Barlow needs to have a home where he will be given lots of attention since that is what he is used to, and since he is near and dear to our hearts, we will make sure that a good home is found. 

As much as I hate to think about saying the words, please contact me if you are interested, or if you know of someone who might be interested in welcoming this sweet dog into their hearts and home.        

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Perfect Storm

This week has been a little crazy. Avery has been throwing up for 24 hours straight, bless her little heart. Then last night a storm blew in, and anyone who knows Braden realizes he is terrified of rain. We knew there would be rain so we put a fan in his room in hopes that it would cover some of the noise. It turned out to be a big mac daddy of a storm with more lightning and thunder than I've seen in a long time. To our surprise, the fan seemed to be working...until the electricity went off. Nice. Avery slept through the biggest part. I ended up sleeping with Braden, on the two inches of bed he left me, in complete darkness until morning.

When I let Barlow into the backyard this morning, this is what welcomed me.

You can see where there is a trampoline in there somewhere...

At first I was sick to my stomach; then I realized it didn't hit the kids' swingset

Or the house.

Missed it by a hair. I'll take replacing the cheapest thing in our backyard. Sweet Avery told Braden, "We can use the money from our piggy bank to fix the trampoline!"