Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Perfect Storm

This week has been a little crazy. Avery has been throwing up for 24 hours straight, bless her little heart. Then last night a storm blew in, and anyone who knows Braden realizes he is terrified of rain. We knew there would be rain so we put a fan in his room in hopes that it would cover some of the noise. It turned out to be a big mac daddy of a storm with more lightning and thunder than I've seen in a long time. To our surprise, the fan seemed to be working...until the electricity went off. Nice. Avery slept through the biggest part. I ended up sleeping with Braden, on the two inches of bed he left me, in complete darkness until morning.

When I let Barlow into the backyard this morning, this is what welcomed me.

You can see where there is a trampoline in there somewhere...

At first I was sick to my stomach; then I realized it didn't hit the kids' swingset

Or the house.

Missed it by a hair. I'll take replacing the cheapest thing in our backyard. Sweet Avery told Braden, "We can use the money from our piggy bank to fix the trampoline!"


jon said...

Oh no!!! What a tough few days for you!!! I hope Avery starts feeling better soon, and I hope it doesn't rain for a long time! Sorry about the trampoline, but glad it didn't hit the house. Question, though--is the ladder behind the swingset caught on a tree and leaning sideways by itself? So interesting!

Stacy said...

Uh--that was Stacy. I had no idea Jon was logged in... :}

Laura said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry about the trampoline! Storms are the one time I'm glad we don't have big trees in the yard. :) Glad the swingset (and the house, duh) is ok!

wheatgerm said...

looks like you have to get the chainsaw out