Friday, December 03, 2010


I had a fun time decorating the mantel this year. I let the kids have at the tree, so I sort of took the mantel on as my adult space. Not that the tree looks bad at all, I just wanted to primp my own space.

There are always pictures that I see of spaces where I love the design, but I've never been able to put things together in just the right way. So, I guess you could say I did some "research" by blog-hopping to find different ideas I could steal. And let me tell you I stole some ideas!

Then I "shopped" my house. There were very few things I found that I wanted, so I "shopped" my friend, Amy's, house! I was very pleased with the treasures I borrowed.

I did end up picking up some pine greenery and ribbon from Big Lots, but other than that, no money! When I got home, I cut sprigs from the berry bush that seemed to have magically appeared in our yard.

So, here's my mantel and fireplace finished, with a grand total of only $12 spent. Not too shabby. (Kenny will be pleased!)
I also must add that it looks more magical with the big light off and the glitter lights glowing behind as well as the tea lights in the jars...oh well...I've never admitted to being a photographer!