Monday, February 08, 2010

To Do's...

I forget how much I enjoy sewing until I begin a new project. Of course there can be frustrations; like when the bobbin runs out at the most inopportune time, or if a needle breaks...but for the most part, sewing is relaxing for me.

The other day I was inspired by Paige and Brooke. They are so talented, and I love how they share their ideas and how to accomplish them through tutorials. I have always enjoyed appliqueing (sp?) things, and Paige and Brooke's tutorial kicked me into gear to make Avery a valentine shirt. While Avery was at school, Braden and I ventured to Hobby Lobby to find some fun fabric. That evening, Avery sat in my lap and helped me complete the project. It was so much fun letting her learn to thread the machine, choose the stitch, and adjust knobs. I love the fact that she is interested in sewing. I shouldn't be surprised because she loves to learn. Braden also sat up in the chair next to us, so if felt like both of them helped so much. I think that's why this one feels extra special.
Once I finished Avery's shirt, I felt like I should make something for Braden. Since I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't look too girlie for valentine's attire, I revisited a pillow I started for him a long time ago. We're talking, probably over a year ago! When Avery was about two, I found some fun fabric, and I made a pillow for her. (Solid pink on the back with a zipper for easy cleaning.) She has always loved to prop up on it and watch movies, or use it in her room to hold her door. It has served many uses.

One day about a year ago, I found matching fabric, but in boy colors! I was super excited, so I came home that day, cut everything out, had the zipper pinned on to sew in, but had to put the project away before I finished it because I had company coming. (My dining room table serves as my sewing table.) So, a year later, I found that it was pretty silly that everything was ready to be finished, it just wasn't stitched up! (His is blue on the back with a zipper.) When Braden woke up from his nap to see his "couch" (he gets that and pillow confused apparently), he ran over, and fell onto it saying, "my couch! my own couch!" Now they get to prop up on matching pillows to watch their shows.Since I finished Avery's valentine's shirt, I've been wanting to make her another. So, when I found this turtle neck at Target for $.94, there was just no excuse to wait any longer. We went today to pick out fabric. She chose this one...not quite what I would have picked, but it has sparkles, so there was no contest in her book. I wanted to put a fun 'A' on it, but she wants a butterfly. I have strict instructions not to work on it while she's napping because she wants to help.
While we were out and about, I remembered two pairs of Avery's pants that still fit her great, but she has worn holes in the knees. So, we ventured over to the patches section and Avery made her picks. When we got home, I barely had my bag down before Avery was begging to fix her pants. I stitched up the holes; don't know if that's necessary, but I thought it might hold better, then Avery applied the patches. I did the ironing of course, and I might tack them on as well to reinforce them. At any rate, Avery is ecstatic!
Now I'm trying to decide if I should try to get the house in order or start on another project! (I'm so tempted to start the butterfly....)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Who Knew

That bruises came in all shapes and sizes? Well, we all know that really, but who knew they came in the shape of HEARTS?!