Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Nervous...

I find it interesting that I am okay with being solely responsible for the well being of my children during the day time hours daily. However, when there is a tiny presence of danger, I get a little nervous when I am the only adult present.

Case in point. The tornado sirens just started going off. There is no rain, no thunder, no lightening, just bruised and swollen skies accompanied by an eerie silence.

Kenny is stuck at school with all of the kids that he is responsible for there. I am huddled up in our home, with two kids napping, wondering if there is a point that I should get them out of their warm beds and have a campout in the hallway.

It's a little nerve-racking being the one that is responsible for keeping everyone safe.

When Kenny is here, I don't feel this way. I guess it's because I am confident that he will take care of us.

Bless his heart if he feels this way all the time!

Glad the Lord is on our side. That's keeping me calm right now (as I sit blogging!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Date Night

Kenny invited Avery to go with him to the dinner theater at Faulkner University last night. Avery looked forward to her Date with Daddy, and was ecstatic when the night finally arrived! She wore a fancy dress and got all pretty for her Daddy. They saw "Thoroughly Modern Millie" which was comprised of many ACA students alongside Faulkner students.

The part that I think was most interesting was hearing about her inquiries during the show. Kenny said she was more interested in learning about the props and why you couldn't see the stage hands really well. He said one conversation went like this,

"Where did that girl come from Daddy?"

"The house."

"Well, why aren't there bedrooms in the house?"

One thing she told me when she got home was, "there was a man dressed in all black, way up high, and he was not going to come down until the whole show was over."

The production started late because it was a full house, and was going to run well past 10:00, so Daddy brought Avery home during intermission.

Avery informed me, "When I get bigger like all the older people, I can stay until the whole thing is over."

They had a fun time building new memories. Kenny says he hopes to make date night a tradition with his little gal. I know she will remember their special times together for years to come.

Friday, February 20, 2009


What to do when it's too cold to play outside?!

Bring the fun indoors!

I tried this too (but I had more clothes on than Avery does) was fun for all!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silly Avery

Today during school time, Avery was learning the consonant sound "c." The picture in her Pooh Bear book was of a cake, which held one candle on top. While she colored she asked, "do you think Pooh Bear is turning one year old like Braden?"

I told her that it was a great possibility since there was only one candle. Then I asked her how many candles would be on her cake at her next birthday.

She answered with "four."

We continued on with how many would be on Braden's?


I decided to mix it up and say, "If momma is 29, then how many would be on my cake at my next birthday?"

"A LOT!" was Avery's reply.

Ha, ha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Boy

Braden has an ear infection......
....and CRAZY hair...
...and he loves his sister.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Think Fast Mom

Plus This:
Equals This:
(Please look past the yucky non-makup face, and notice the nose...)
Way to use your head mom!

Monday, February 02, 2009