Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Nervous...

I find it interesting that I am okay with being solely responsible for the well being of my children during the day time hours daily. However, when there is a tiny presence of danger, I get a little nervous when I am the only adult present.

Case in point. The tornado sirens just started going off. There is no rain, no thunder, no lightening, just bruised and swollen skies accompanied by an eerie silence.

Kenny is stuck at school with all of the kids that he is responsible for there. I am huddled up in our home, with two kids napping, wondering if there is a point that I should get them out of their warm beds and have a campout in the hallway.

It's a little nerve-racking being the one that is responsible for keeping everyone safe.

When Kenny is here, I don't feel this way. I guess it's because I am confident that he will take care of us.

Bless his heart if he feels this way all the time!

Glad the Lord is on our side. That's keeping me calm right now (as I sit blogging!)


J. Canterbury said...

If Kenny is like me, we fathers/husbands take it upon ourselves to protect and defend. It is our Godly calling and we accept it with humility and determination.

Amy said...

I know what you mean sweetie. I was a little nervous today too. I remember my daddy always going outside when the sirens went off my dad would go outside and watch. I remember thinking that he would be blown away in the storm. He never was, but he did get to see a few tornado's go over our house! So, I left Jax all warm in his bed and I stared outside watching for any movement of the swing at which point I was prepared to run and grab my son and get in a closet! :-) I enjoyed being with ya'll tonight. We had fun! Thanks for inviting us!

Lerra said...

I thought about that yesterday, how I will act when I'm in that situation. I get scared when Baron isn't even in the same room as me when the sirens go off! :-)


I know what you mean. I just feel better when Ben's he's the one REALLY in charge taking care of us all. That is a lot of pressure on the man to be the one taking care of the whole family. I'm glad ya'll are ok. :)

Helen said...

I get the same way! I try to stay calm but the kids can see that I am scared, but when they were at school and I was home alone all I wanted to do was to go get them and bring them home to be with me. I think it is hard knowing they are somewhere else and you dont know if they are okay or not. So I jumped in my car and went and got them! Other mom's where doing the same thing so I didn't seem too much like a freak :)