Saturday, July 21, 2007


Avery had become quite the Copycat. She has always tried to mimic things we do, but now it's to the point where she gets very frustrated if she can't do everything that we're doing.

Not only does she like to do the things we do, she repeats EVERYTHING you say. Not just words, but the entire sentence, and she starts repeating about two words into it so it's a little confusing to talk because you hear yourself and her saying the same things.

We've decided we're to a point where we need to take a break, so today has been a day of rest for us. (Especially good because we stayed out late last night and all need a good nap this afternoon.) So, Kenny was playing XBox when Avery came along and thought she needed to help. She picked up "her" controller, pulled up a chair, and this is the result. Of course every time Kenny cheered, she would copy.

For a few minutes she got sidetracked and read some books, piddled in the kitchen, etc. Just as I was about to close the blog, I heard her walk to her daddy, pick up her controller, plop down in her chair, and say, "I'm back!"


Sunny said...

Avery is such fun! I love the "I'm back!" Precious!

Roxy Wishum said...

Wow! That is a lot of pressure. You need to be PERFECT.

Amanda said...

I'm frightened to be around her then! I would be horrified to say ANYTHING.

Conner is starting to do this too, but only with Michael, yay! He has "helped" play our Nintendo Wii for months now, to the point that Michael got him his own Wii remote (without batteries). Conner keeps it in a special spot so he can fetch it when it's time to play.

Aren't they too fun?

Lerra said...

Haha, that's too cute!!