Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm One!

My birthday was Wednesday the 29th, but we aren't going to celebrate until Saturday. Mom says she feels bad that she hasn't put as much attention into planning my first birthday party as she did for Avery, but I told her as long as there is cake I'll be fine.

I went to the doctor today and weighed in at 26 pounds, 13.8 ounces, and I'm 31" tall. There were so many new things to explore in the doctor's office, and I kept everyone laughing while I grinned and ran from one side of the room to the other. I wasn't grinning as much after I had to get four shots, but mom says they will help me not get really sick. I also found out that I have an ear infection. Mom is glad to know the reason why I have been waking up screaming during the night.

I have been taking steps since I was 10 1/2 months old, but still liked to crawl more than walk until I was about 11 1/2 months old. Now I am pretty close to running everywhere. I have to go fast to keep up with Avery.

There are always bumps and bruises on my forehead and face because I do get wobbly when I'm tired.

My favorite things to play with are my blue bear, blue blanket, and any kind of ball. I do like to read books, and it's funny to try to take away anything Avery is playing with.

I have been eating table foods since I was nine months old, and I'm working on switching to milk over formula.

There are eight sharp teeth in my mouth, and I love to show them off when I smile.

I still have a very laid back personality and like to meet new people.

Daddy is proud of me because I become mesmorized when football and baseball are on TV. Momma laughs and knows exactly where I get it from.

I still take two naps a day.

Bathtime is the best! Water is so much fun to splash. Momma says I get a little carried away since the entire bathroom is soaked by the time I'm finished.

I'm still a Daddy's boy. I can be upset and squirmy with Momma, but the second Daddy walks in the door, my world is fine.


Sunny said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Braden! He sure is a cutie!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Braden!! You are so precious! You and Lawson would be great friends if you lived closer. You like the same things. I can't imagine how wet your mom and I would be if we gave ya'll a bath at the same time. Ha ha !! I hope you have a wonderful birthday party - eat lots of cake!! God Bless You, little man!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Braden!!! He's getting so big, and his smile is so cute!! We can't wait to get down there to see you guys! Maybe we can have cake to celebrate AGAIN! :)

Lerra said...

I was thinking your birthday was Wednesday because that's my mom's birthday, but I wasn't sure. Happy birthday, big boy!