Friday, March 14, 2008

Have You Ever

I know most mommas (and daddies) can say that they have been peepeed on, pooped on, spit up on....

Can you say that you have had squash

in......your eye?

Last night, whilst trying to defend the baby food jar from Braden's right jabs, along with successfully getting the spoon into his mouth before he pushes it back out with his tongue, he sucker punched me with a left upper hook!

Needless to say the jar of half eaten food went flying into the air, bounced off the table, then chair, then me, then floor, and landed right side up.

All the while, food was flying faster than the jar was bouncing. Who knew all of the places it would land. There I sat, my eyelashes were matted together like Braden's eye during the pink eye episodes, and I also had it on my temple, in my ear, and my hair. I continued to find squash as the night drew on.

I've never felt sexier.

But it's all worth it for this little man.

Tell me some of your stories!


Bethany said...

This really goes back to the pee, poop, puke thing...But worth a mention.

Eden is the best girl, she generally takes care of herself. (Goes to the toilet or trash can if she is sick, etc....) Well this time was different. She was actually asleep so she didn't realize what was happening. She was coughing so hard she got choked and I was trying to get her wake up so she wouldn't die. As I looked into her eyes to get her attention, she coughed really hard and projectile vomit went straight into my mouth. Needless to say I headed straight to the bathroom to vomit myself! :) It was gross! The best part was David wasn't even around to help...lucky him.

Sunny said...

Nothing like a good 'ole squash bath! Don't you wish that you always had a camera up recording "all of the stuff" that happens daily!

A few months back Jack had an ear infection and all of the runny nose and cough to go along with it. While I was feeding him, he sneezed as soon as I placed a full spoon of food into his mouth. I was sitting strait across from him and away it ALL went! All over my face!!! Yuck!

What a story Bethany!!!

JSM said...

"I've never felt sexier..."

Kat Simpson said...

Love the sexy comment - :)


J. Canterbury said...

No baby food in the eye but I did have one unforgetable babysitting moment with my nephew.

Something woke him up after I put him to bed for the night. Instead of crying or making some type of "come get me" plea, he decided to unlock the mysteries of his diaper. His SOILED diaper.

I heard a noise while walking by his room and when I quietly peaked in to check on him, there he was standing in his crib, fanny in the wind, PAINTING on the walls from the most organic pallet known to mankind!

He seemed quite content to be left alone to his artistic expressions but that wasn't going to happen. I spent the next twenty minutes cleaning dirty, stinking foulness from his otherwise bright yellow walls.

My sister (his mom) restrained him in a onezy before bedtime from that night forward.

Jamey said...

James-Oh my! What horror. Avery stuck her hand in her diaper once and said, "chocolate!" Thankfully, she has never decided to use it as a design element.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

hahahaha! kenny totally thought you were sexy. thats hilarious.

Roxy Wishum said...

Jamey, that is a great story--told in details that enable me to picture it vividly. But you have to train yourself--GET PICTURES!

Stacy said...

Hey...better late than never?? your story made me laugh. Bethany's story made me gag--almost throw up, in fact!

My kids are somehow the worst at nasty things...jordan projectile spit-up for about the first 5 months of her life. both of my kids set records on how many times they "soil" a diaper daily--jordan went a solid month of 8-10 'dirtys' a day! consistenly!

My worst stories both involve poop and the bathtub! When jordan was a baby-baby lawson took baths in the big tub and i put the baby tub next to the big on in the floor. once, i was concentrating on cleaning jordan off while lawson was playing and i noticed a few "mommy, here you go"'s. I absentmindendly stuck out my hand to receive his yucky "chocolate-ish" present!!! Blagh!!!

Just last week...both kids in the tub...i ran to my bathroom for a second to get a towel and when i came back i noticed jordan was 'squatted' and 'red-faced.' (Those two things together are BAD news!!!) I got to her just in time for a PRETTY BIG MESS in the water!!! SO...out of the tub w/ both kids. empty. clean. disinfect. (Lawson decides to poop in the toilet while he's waiting for bathtime to resume.) get everything ready again. Lawson in. Get jordan...she's standing on the little potty. reaching for her toothbrush. STANDING IN THE POOP that she 'finished' on the lid!

HOLY COW!!! I was definitely ready for that bathtime to be over!

p.s. sorry for the looooong comment! :)


The funniest time we had was when Ben was changing Abbie on the changing table of our Pack 'n' Play. (The kids were little bitty then. They had just recently come home from the hospital.) They weren't on formula yet so you know how runny the poop is in the beginning. Well, Ben thought he would just be changing a pee pee diaper, but as soon as he took her diaper off and hoisted her little rear end up to wipe it good...projectile diahhrea squirted out ALL OVER him!!! It was halarious! Such a little thing shot out so much nastiness. It was priceless! I was just watching cracking up at the whole thing. I guess that's the best one I've got off of the top of my head. :)

Lerra said...

Wow, I wish I could have seen that!