Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fun Was Had By All!

We had so much fun Saturday! Avery's party was a success!

Kids, young and old, swam, ran and played. The gifts were more than generous, and Avery had a good time opening them.

The cake was her favorite! Blowing out the candles was the highlight of the day for her. Later that night she thanked God for 'blowing out candles" and kept saying, "again pease?"

Some kids had so much fun swimming, they decided to go for a second dip..in their clothes..then in their diapers...then in their real birthday suit! Well..not some, just Avery and Griffin.

We're so glad we were able to share this happy day with so many friends. Thanks everyone for making it a successful time! Avery thought she was a princess for the day!


Kenny Simpson said...

Glad you did not put the naked pictures of them on the web. She had a good time.

Baron said...

Great party guys! I love the picture of Avery seeing the cake...that one's great

katskloset said...

Great pics! We were there in spirit! Who made the cake? Gorgeous! Love, nonakat

Sunny said...

Such great pictures! I hate it that we live so far away. Joshua and Abby Kate sure do miss Avery! She looks so precious! Love the ponytails! Happy 2nd Birthday Avery!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

what a cute cake!!! sorry we missed out on the majority of the fun. did she get our gift? I know it was boyish but I thought it couldnt hurt!

Jamey said...

Ashley...Avery has played with those cars sooo much! She and her daddy "race" to see who can push the button the fastest.

Nona...A friend's friend made the cake...it was yummy too!

Sunny...wish you guys could have been here too. It would have been great fun to have two more splashing around!

Lerra said...

I love the "naked with jewelry" look for Avery. :-)

Thanks for inviting us - we had a good time!