Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Top Ten Of My Own

For those of you who don't know, Kenny is King of Top Ten Lists. So, in honor of him, I thought I'd give my own list a try.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Kenny....Here's To You Babe.

10) You are a good example and encourager to others. Every student that you've ever taught has looked up to you. I know that has a lot to do with how you lead your own life.

9) You are always looking to better yourself. Whether it is moving up in your career, or wanting to learn about new things, I'm glad you're always looking forward.

8) You put up with me and my crazy moods! Anyone who can do that is a brave and patient. Thanks so much.

7) You are well liked and respected by others. A lot of this is because of your example and who you are, but it always makes me burst my buttons when parents and administrators come up to me and tell me what a good job they think you are doing.

6) You are funny. I always seem to forget that this is one of the main things that attracted me to you. Then I hear a comment that makes me laugh when I'm sad, or smile when no one else is looking.

5) You are very smart..to the point of brilliant. In previous relationships, I was used to being the smart one, (but now that I've adjusted!) it makes me feel secure that you will make wise decisions. It also is a plus that our children will inherit those genes as well!

4) You gave me a beautiful daughter and are a wonderful father to her. I couldn't ask for a better Daddy for Avery. I can see your personality and expression in her more each day.

3) You are a good leader. This is what helps make you the wonderful coach, father, husband and friend that you are. It comes natural for you to lead humbly.

2) You take care and provide for Avery and me. It makes me feel good that you sacrifice things and work hard so I am able to stay at home to raise Avery. We've never gone without, and I know it's because you would never allow that. Family is very important to you.

1) You are a strong Christian man who works for the Lord. I know this is the core of who you are, and is why you are as successful as you are. You are a very busy person, but you always find time to serve others.


Baron said...

well said Jamie. I'm sure it means the most for him to hear these things from you...AND that you posted them so the whole world can see :)

Kenny Simpson said...

Thanks. Just make sure it's just the top ten good things, and not the top 100 bad ones :)

love you

katskloset said...

And we are so happy that Ken picked you, Jamey. We love ya, MamaKat

Roxy Wishum said...

WOW! What a great tribute. Do you wonder what great-grandchildren will think when they read your blog?

Lerra said...

Baron, you spelled Jamey's name wrong. :-)

I'm guessing this is Kenny's fave list ever!!