Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Hea Baby's Hotbeat?!"

With a gasp and wide eyes, Avery woke up this morning saying, "Hea baby's hotbeat?"

I've probably mentioned when we first started talking about the New Baby with Avery, she was not too pleased. "AVERY'S MOMMA'S BABY!" was the constant reply.

At last month's appointment we piled into the tiny office to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Kenny tried to keep Avery busy while the nurse searched with her doppler. Once the "whoow, whoows" were heard, Avery perked up. Kenny said, "Listen. Do you hear the baby's heartbeat?"

From that moment on, Avery would look around and say with big eyes, "listen; hea baby's hotbeat?" We were excited that she started warming up to the idea of new baby joining our family.

Now she proudly tells anyone who will listen that her heartbeat says, "bump, bump," while patting her chest. Daddy's and momma's sound the same too, but new baby's says, "whoow, whoow, whoow."

So, yesterday we started talking about how we were going to hear the heartbeat again this morning. Once piled in the office, the minutes ticked by during the search for the familiar sound.

This time, Avery knew immediately what it was. "I hea baby's hotbeat!" She told the nurse, the doctor, the appointment lady, and she still hasn't stopped talking about it.

Next month we get to hear and SEE baby! Avery's really excited about 'new baby's picture.' Everyday is an adventure.


katskloset said...

Oh, how cool! Miss you all so much! Love, NonaKat

Baron said...

Great story!

Lerra said...

That's so sweet!!

Kenny Simpson said...

And she still thinks she hears it everyday...

katskloset said...

maybe she does hear it! Love ya, NonaKat