Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm behind; far, far behind. Here are a few things Braden has done lately that I want to remember.

The kids were playing outside when I heard Avery yell her famous, "BRAden!" Seconds later the door swooped open with Braden stating, "I'm telling on MYself." Avery soon trudged behind him, hair and face dripping wet, speechless...

Earlier that day they were watching the workers pick up the trash. We talked about how hard they were working and that we should put our best into whatever it is we are doing. Braden then asked if he could be a 'trash trucker' when he grew up. "I don't know how to drive, so I probably couldn't do that part, but I do know how to pick up trash! I could do that!!"

On the way to church that night, the kids were being crazy, and a little gross in the back of the van. I announced, "Ok guys; let's not be so immature. Avery asked, "what's immature?" Kenny answered, "It means you're acting like you're two instead of six." Braden added, "Heehee; toot toot!"

After church on the way home, the kids were equally as hyper. I observed, "wow guys; you are crazy! Should we have cut out those cinnamon rolls you had for dessert?" {Long pause} Braden questioned with concern, "How do you cut them out?"

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