Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Baby Is Turning 7!

My Avery:
You are still as smart as ever, and you excel in math. You are reading on a third grade level, and you only just graduated from kindergarten! You are not interested in sports, but you have recently embarked on playing TBall with your brother, and you are one of the best ones on the team. This just goes to show that you are going to excel in whatever you put your mind to in the future. I am glad for you to go to school everyday, but am also glad to have you home for the summer. All seems right with the world when you are around. You are still a good big sister even when your crazy brother tries to drive you nuts. We only have about a month left until your baby brother arrives and you seem to be excited. You keep telling me that you don't want to have kids when you get older, that you want to adopt someone who doesn't have a momma or daddy. You like to play computer games, and are especially good at the strategy ones where you have to figure out which moves to make. You seem to be going through a growth spurt because I can't seem to keep your stomach full. You still love to swim, and look like a little fish in the water when you have your mask that covers your eyes and nose.

Your daddy and I still love you as much and more as we did the day we met you. We pray everyday that you grow up to continue to love God even more than you do now. You have such a tender heart, and I hope that never changes. We love you Avery Dean. I just can't believe you are turning 7!!

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Shelley said...

So so sweet. Just about made me cry. She and Easton are so much alike!! Love you! Our babies are growing up!