Thursday, July 06, 2006

That Disconnected Feeling

Can I say I depend on the Internet too much. I have just returned from a fabulous trip visiting my family in Texas. It was great that Avery and I spent a week getting spoiled. Promise, it was not just Avery getting spoiled. It's been a while since someone offered to change a diaper, or give a bath, or say, "Honey, why don't you go rest. I'll make sure Avery is okay." Mind blowing actually.

When I entered the blogging world, someone told me that I would go through experiences and realize that I wanted to blog about them later! So true. This leads to the Internet issue. Everyday 10 things would happen that I thought I should write about, and now that 7 days have passed, of course there are too many things to decide between. The reason I couldn't keep up daily is that my parents do not have access to the Internet. Growing up, we lived in the country, but now that the city keeps growing, we're no longer in the country. There is a school accross the street from our house and a mini storage right next door, but apparently my parents have been told that their area is still not wired for high speed internet. Of course they could use dial up, but how frustrating is that!? So, during my week of eating bon bons and watching soap operas (not really), I did not have access to blog, email, read up on the news, and I even found myself wanting to do some research whenever a question arose about _______________ (insert your choice of subject here).

For instance, mom and I started talking about an old friend of mine. She said we could look them up in the phone book, but as luck would have it, the phone book was in the room where Avery happened to be napping. Of course you don't mess with that, so I said, "let's look them up online!" Mom just looked at me. The same type thing happened at least 5 times. I couldn't get it through my head that my parents aren't connected! The irony in all of this is that they bought us webcams for Christmas, one for them and one for us, to keep up with Avery. It was later I informed mom that it would require them to get wired. It's not that they haven't tried. The last attempt was going to be quite costly. A $500 installation fee, plus $75 a month, along with several other hidden fees I assume, (they are getting desperate). That did not include the 7 foot tower that would be required to be put on their already really, really tall roof. (It would have more effect if I could remember how tall the house really is.) They decided against that and have moved on to do more research. Another ironic fact is that my mom is taking an online class. How's she actually doing this is beyond me. I'm assuming she's playing hookey.

So, it's good to be home. Not only to see my all so wonderful hubby after a week of absence (who actually does volunteer to change a diaper every now and then), or to get Avery back into a routine, but to get back to my computer! Really though the week was great. Avery got to see her grandparents, her uncle, her great-grandparents, my best friend from high school, my aunts, and several people at church who claim us as their own. She's a trooper to go wherever I drag her. Each day is a new surprise for her, and she takes it in stride. Wish I could be as easy going as she is.

I better stop before I actually start re-counting the whole trip. I guess it's like catching up with old friends you haven't seen in a while. There is no way to fill in all of the details that have happened over the years, you just start with what happened that day!


Elizaveta Senatorova said...

I really find that interesting! My congratulations for a great trip!

sunny said...

Jamey, I have so missed you. I have been on a blogging spree since you have been gone. I am glad to hear that things went well. I know that you really enjoyed getting to visit with your family.
I guess that you heard that Ben and Anna had their babies! They are all doing very well and have lots of pics on their website.
Stacy and I were just talking about you the other day. We are going to have to meet up in B-ham sometime soon. We miss you guys so much!
Cute pic of Avery! I'll have to show it to Joshua in the morning!

Jamey said...

Sunny we miss you guys too. We're going to be in Huntsville next week for a coaching clinic. We'll be there Tues night, Wed, Thurs and Fri! Hopefully we can meet up. Stacy says Bonko is Tuesday night so I might get to be at that.

sunny said...

Yeah! That would be so much fun!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

glad you're back!