Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Controversy or Debate

Okay; so Kenny's been blogging for two days now and he already has more comments than I've ever had on a single post. If you know us at all, you know we're highly competitive..it's almost unhealthy. Anyway, he says I don't have as many comments because I don't talk about things that can be debated or discussed; I just mention an event that happened....so I guess I'll give the debate thing a whirl...

....I can't think of anything right now, so until then, I'm going to talk about Avery's infatuation with having things around her neck. As you can see from the pictures, it can consist of necklaces, play phone chords, or pretty much anything else she can find at the time. For about a week, it was a deflated balloon that still had the string tied onto it. At church Sunday night it was the ribbon from the songbook. You think I'm kidding, but anything the child gets her hands on that looks like it might be long enough to go around her head, that's where it goes. She even has a monkey who's hands velcro to each other...so she literally has a monkey on her back when she gets his arms around her neck!

I've often considered that this could be a major choking hazard, so I've tried to find more necklaces that are intended to be there instead of things that could get wrapped around to tightly. Of course there are the days when only the phone or balloon will do, so I supervise her with an extra careful eye.

I guess I'll continue to talk about Avery until I can find a debatable topic. I don't think I'll ever run out of material for her. Maybe I could make a list! Maybe it could be the top ten silliest things she's done up to this point. I'm sure Kenny could help out with that one.


sunny said...

Blogging about babies is the best! Avery is so adorable. Tonight we had dinner with some friends and Alisha was there. When we got ready to leave everyone said that if the baby was a girl, that she and Joshua would grow up and marry each other. I quickly told them that his crush is on Avery. Seriously, he is so in love with her!

Jamey said...

I hope Avery doesn't grow up to be a player! She seems to be in love with several little boys. Lawson, Joshua, her new friend Aiden, and maybe some others she hasn't told me about!

The bond between she and Joshua is just a little different though! Remember that time at church they craned their necks to see each other!?

Supabloggasuprememama said...

wait! hold up! I think Aiden is in the running for that one, too. hmmmmm...just kidding. glad kenny joined the blogging world, too! seriously, I like yours better. no contest. ;)

Kenny Simpson said...

Top ten things about Avery:

1) she looks just like her mom.

2) He-wow

3) Necklaces from everything

4) Baaawwwwllll

5) Laughing

6) Curls

7) Blue eyes

8) Blowing kisses

9) High 5's

10) She looks just like her mom

jon said...

Joshua is 100% in love with Avery. When Kenny and I came over during Bunko he went nuts. Seriously, as soon as he saw Avery was there the kid 'lost it'.

Jason said...

Blogging about your kids is the good stuff. Who cares about lists?

Jamey said...

Well, Avery is near and dear to my heart...I'm sure you haven't heard the last of her.

I think we all know a few people who love their lists!

Lerra said...

I used to have one of those monkeys that goes around your neck.

Kathy said...

Now Nona knows what goodies to send! Get ready for some beads, Avery! purple ones, of course! Love Ya MamaKat