Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three Months Old

I stole this idea from my friend Sunny. It's a wonderful way to document all of the wonderful milestones in the kids' lives.

I have not been weighed at the doctor since my 2 month check up, but Daddy put me on the scale, and I weigh 18 pounds!

I love to eat.

I have been smiling for a while now.

Now I can laugh out loud when Momma and Daddy make funny faces or silly noises.

I love to watch my sister dance and play. I smile every time she talks to me.

I can coo and make the best noises; sometimes resembling Chewbacca from Star Wars.

I have been holding my head up for a while, but now I try to sit up wherever I am (especially when in my carseat).

I love to stand up. My legs are strong enough to stand alone with help for balance.

I used to only wake up once or twice a night, but I've been having trouble lately and wake up every hour.

I have three teeth trying to make their entrance.

I like to observe everything.

Loud noises do not bother me.

I've been to several basketball games.

I'm very laid back for the most part, but if I get mad, I get mad and sound like a girl when I cry.
I love my baths; even when Avery pours water over me when I'm not expecting it.

Sometimes I take long naps and sometimes I take short naps. It's my way of keeping Momma on her toes.

I always have my hands folded like I'm praying.

My favorite time of day is after I eat.

I'm very ticklish.

My eyes twinkle all the time.

I am a Momma's boy, but I love my Daddy too.


Lerra said...

Goodness, he is SO BIG! What a cutie. :-)

Bethany said...

What do you feed that boy! :) He's growing so fast.
Such cuties!

Sunny said...

So sweet! He is a BIG boy! Jackson made the same "Chewbacca" noises. Such fun!!!

Brooke Shands said...

I love this idea...I hope I am still blogging when it is my turn. Only God knows when that will be!!! He is so adorable!!

Roxy Wishum said...

Thanks, Braden, for the update. And welcome to blogging. You will be glad you wrote these things down when you are my age and can not remember events from last week, much less from when you were two months old. Also, thank you for admitting to be the only person alive that is gaining weight faster than me! You are a good sport.

Amanda said...

"it's my way of keeping mommy on her toes.." .. that's hilarious yet so true!
And 3 teeth, my goodness!

Shelley said...

He is so precious! I can't believe he is already trying to cut teeth. Although Easton had his first tooth at 4 month. Time is going by soo fast. What a cute idea! Do you mind if I borrow it for Lawson in a few weeks? I want to try to keep up with everything. It is so hard. I need more time and dedication.
Love you!

Kat Simpson said...

Three months old. Braden, your Nona can't wait to meet and hold you! NonaKat