Monday, January 07, 2008


I took Braden for his two month check up today. He's measuring up!

24" long (in the 60-75%)
15" 8.6 oz (in the 90%)
Head 42cm

He also had to get shots. Three to be exact. He didn't start crying until the last one was finished. Can we say late reaction?

Kenny and I had a bet, and I lost. I didn't think he would gain that much weight in a month.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

Do you know he's already half of Aiden's weight!? I know they slow down, but Kenny has to be thrilled...sign sweet lil dude up fo some football! Woohooo!

He's so cute. I'm glad he's growing...nice and healthy! What a blessing!


He is just so cute and is growing so much! He's going to be a big boy. :) I'm sure Kenny would like that.

Kenny Simpson said...

That's my big boy.

Sunny said...

He just passed Jackson in weight!!! He is such a cutie! So what did you bet?

Jamey said...

I was supposed to get a back massage....too bad.

Lerra said...

Wow...he is so big! That's great that he's so healthy. He's such a cutie!