Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Competition. Er, Uh, Festival... ...For the Kids

So yesterday was the Fall Festival at church. I was excited to dress Avery up again in her halloween costume and take pictures of her on the rides. It was a great festival; we were very impressed with the selection of rides, games and slides.

The slide is another story completely, but it involves Kenny climbing to the top of a blow-up slide with Avery (where I thought he would slide down WITH her), but instead drops our 17 month old daugher down the giant, steep slope all by herself. I was waiting patiently at the bottom, poised and ready to take a picture. All I saw was a bundle candy corn with arms and legs flailing. The only thing that came out in the picture was a tiny hand reaching up (after she hit the bottom). Of course she had a great time and wanted to do it again. But the mom in me kept thinking of all the what ifs. But I digress..

Avery was not the only one to enjoy her time at the Fall Festival. For those of you who know me, or at least read this blog should know by now that I am competitive by nature. There we stood in line (the first time for the slide) with our friends Jeff and Brandie; we looked over and noticed a station where you threw baseballs, complete with a radar. My husband looks to Brandie's husband and says, "who do you think can throw faster; Brandie or Jamey?"

You'd think I'd learned my lesson after the race episode with Brooklyn, but I'm always up for a challenge so Brandie and I head over to wait in line for the baseball throw. We got a little intimidated by the kids in front of us, and of course neither of us wanted to go first so rock, paper, scissors handled the decision. I got to go to a good start with a win already.

So, Brandie throws, then I throw. She beats me by one mile per hour. Yuck. I don't like to lose.

As the night continues, more of our friends start to show up. Of course our husbands share the story, so they want in on the action. (Can I pause for a moment to express how happy I am that I'm finding friends who share the same competive drive that I do?!) So we all decide to go throw again to see who can throw the fastest again.

On the way to the baseball throwing station, we spotted the basketball shots, so of course we had to compete in that. None of us were very good at that. You try shooting a basketball at a hoop that's attached to a giant, blown up tarp. On to the baseballs. On the way we recruited another player...Laura! She didn't want to, but a little peer pressure nevery hurt anyone.

Unfortunately, I'm not good with numbers, so I don't remember everyone's exact speeds, but I do know for fact that Jessi blew us all out of the water. Apparently she played softball. Dawn did okay, but she threw a softball, so her speed wasn't as fast as ours. I did tie Brandie this time though. Laura did really well for a first timer.

Of course by now the boys are getting jealous because we're having all the fun. (And they were watching the kids while all of this was going on, so they were ready for a break.)

So, it was the boys' turn to see who can throw the fastest. I could not talk Kenny into throwing. He says it's because he knew he wouldn't even be in the running. (I still can't figure out why he didn't because, like me, he's always up for a challenge.)

Of course, once again I don't remember numbers. That is the difference between a girl's blog and a boy's blog. Kenny would know everyone's speed. I should have consulted with him. Oh well. That's not my point.

Jeff did not even step up to the 'plate,' but he did throw one ball from behind the 'zone.' According to the ride maintainer, his was the fastest they've seen all night. Then Baron, Russ and Chris took their turns. It was fun.

So from all of this I've learned two things.

1) I'm really having a good time with our new friends here in Montgomery.
2) I think it's time to start up a church softball team.


Kenny Simpson said...

Jessi: 51 MPH
Jamey and Brandie: 41 MPH
Dawn: 38 MPH (with a softball)
Laura: Didn't have a sundial...just kidding 25 MPH

Russ: 65 MPH
Jeff: 63 MPH (from way back)
Baron: 57 MPH
Chris: 55 MPH (But deadly acuracy)

BTW: I think I was 1-1 on basketball shot from way out...

Jamey said...

I knew you would remember..

jon said...

They should put a radar gun up at the bowling alley!!!

I thought about going up the big slide with Lawson but then realized I was probably over the weight limit. HA HA HA

Jamey said...

Jon, they do have one at the bowling alley here!

I don't know that your roll would even register. The ball would get to the end before the gun even started!

sunny said...

Oh Jamey! I'm so glad to hear about you and your friends having such a fun time. We sure do miss you guys! I love the story of Avery coming down the slide all by herself. Dads!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that this story made me laugh out loud!!! I'm just glad that my sorry pitching abilities weren't subject to being recorded!!
So proud of Avery for "braving" the slide alone like a big girl! :) Yay Avery! And I love the candy corn costumes with Griffin, how sweet! Wish I could have been there too!

Lerra said...

First of all, I have thrown a baseball before. I'm not a first timer. I just really stink. However, I never played sports, and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to do so. Secondly, thanks Kenny. Now everyone knows exactly how much I stink. However, I'm pretty sure I got 29 once. Still pitiful. Anyway, my problem is that I have a very competitive nature, but I'm not really good at anything. It's kinda sad.

Let's go bowling.

Lerra said...

P.S. Look at my stance. I throw like a girl. No wonder I stink.

Kathy said...

Sounds Like a great time! Go for the fun! Kenny, have some care for your wife's 'fear factor'. Love ya, MamaKat

Roxy Wishum said...

Jamey; I am impressed with your persuasive abilities. Not just anybody could get Laura to throw-for-speed in front of a crowd. I am proud she remembers what I always taught her; forget speed, its location-location-location. And a good curve.

Kenny Simpson said...

She and Chris did win the location award.

Chris said...

Just a friendly correction...I actually had a high throw of 57 mph, not 55 mph as reported by Kenny "I can't take the heat of competition" Simpson. My throws would have been much harder, but I injured my throwing shoulder last week while rescuing several babies and old people from a burning home. The throws that were faster than mine should not count anyway, because I'm pretty sure that Russ, Jeff, and Baron are on steroids. Props to Kenny for disrupting Jamey's basketball shots by firing up a 15 footer (which hit nothing but the bottom of the net) over her head in the middle of her turn. Also, did anyone mention how deadly accurate I was in hitting the mitt on every throw I made? It was truly awe-inspiring. If you think I can throw a baseball well, just wait until you see me play four-square. I'm unbelievable...

Jamey said...

Laura: sorry I said you were a first timer, but I'm glad you jumped in anyway. You were very accurate.

Chris: Kenny was the one with the actual stats. Blame him.

Judy: If you'd been here, you would have been in on the action just got intimidated and hid in Canada. :)

Roxy: Persuasiveness is a gift for me. What can I say? Well, I can say that Kenny is better. I couldn't get Ashley to join, but if he'd tried, I bet her picture would be next to Laura's.

Lerra said...

Y'all obviously weren't watching when I threw the ball over the wall & into the parking lot behind it. But thanks for the accuracy compliments. :-)

Anonymous said...

sorry im not very competitive. can i be your friend anyway:?