Thursday, November 02, 2006

Clowning Around with the Clowns

Avery and I traveled with the varsity volleyball team to the state tournament, held in Pelham, on Tuesday night. It was a fun time (until they lost), but Avery was a trooper as usual.

Since Tuesday was Halloween night, I was a little disappointed that Avery would not get to go trick or treating for her first 'real' time. Luckily Coach Ainsworth had us covered, and told all of the girls to come prepared. So, Avery donned her clown costume (that my mom made for my brother, then I wore it as well) and proceeded to each girls' hotel room.

On the way out of our room, she ran into another team, just arriving. They all thought she was so cute that they started digging through their bags, looking for goodies to drop in the jack-o-lantern! Avery practiced her good manners, and in a sweet voice said, "tan-too" (thank you).

Once off the elevator, which she loved, and is finally tall enough to reach the button, she took off down the hall. After we showed her which door to knock on first, she balled up her little hand and knocked. "Teet!" was all I could get her to say, but she probably didn't even have to say that. "Oo's" and "Awe's" and "How Cute!" followed, and more candy was dumped into the jack-o-lantern.

Unfortunately, there were only four doors to knock on, and she accidentally knocked on a stranger's door. They weren't in..good. Then, we returned down the elevator to our room. She knocked on our door when we got there, and once inside, turned around and knocked again.

It was late; it had been a long day, but how could I let her go to bed without a small taste of her gold. So she enjoyed some smarties before heading off to Slumberland.


sunny said...

She is so precious! I'm glad that Avery was able to go trick or treating in the hotel. I am sure that all of the girls just had so much fun with her!

Kenny Simpson said...

I am sure the girls had fun. Maybe this will be a new tradition.

Kathy said...

Way Cool! Glad to see where the clown costume came from. My favorite picture is the one of her sitting in front of a white door with a slightly sad look on her face. I'm in love! Nona

Lerra said...

I love the costume! I had a clown costume when I was little too.

Anonymous said...