Friday, November 17, 2006

In the Twilight Zone

I knew going into it that my grocery store of choice was going to be lacking as usual. Little did I know how lacking.

I normally go to Wal-Mart simply because of convenience. Usually, they have everything you need all in one-stop shopping...not the one on Atlanta Highway. They normally are not well stocked, but I've learned to deal with it although it is very annoying.

Today Avery and I took the trek to get our shopping completed for all the Thanksgiving goodies we intend to prepare for our much anticipated company that will arrive next week! (My mom and dad, along with our good friends from Huntsville, Jon and Stacy with their two kiddos, Lawson and Jordan.)

When we arrived, all was normal. Then we got to the back of the store and noticed a bizarre phenomenon.

There was no food in the cold sections. I say none, but there were a few items. Milk, assorted bisquits, some butter, orange juice. But get this; where there actually was food, it was only the name brand, and there were only two or three items on the shelf. Same situation was going on in the freezer sections. The only thing that was pretty well stocked was turkeys. I guess they knew there would be an uprising if there were none to be found the week before Turkey Day.

Of course these were not ideal conditions in which to shop for a Thanksgiving meal; however, Avery and trudged on. I must admit that I was perturbed and silently vowed to never shop there again. The last straw is the last straw, right?

Then I heard it. A woman saying to the stockers what we all were thinking. "You all are sure understocked, huh? (polite laugh)"

"Yes," answered the man. "Our electricity was out too long so we had to throw out all the food and start fresh."

Well, at least what I was able to grab before the two people behind me finished everything off, was fresh. Then I felt bad...for a second.

The more I think about it, I realize they did whatever was needed to fix the problem. But my question is this. Don't grocery stores know that something like electricity going out could be a problem, and shouldn't they have back up generators?

If someone could please explain this, I would appreciate it.


Kenny Simpson said...

I hate that Walmart.

Lerra said...

Wal-Mart's insurance probably covers spoilage and loss of income due to power outage, so they probably weren't worried about it too much.

sunny said...

I vow each and every time that I go to the Walmart on 72 that I will never return. For some reason, I always go back. That must have been really weird seeing Walmart so understocked!

Kathy said...

No explanation here; seems like a generator would be pretty standard equipment, IMO . . . . yuck! MamaKat

jon said...

Stacy is upset about the Wal-Mart on 72 being closer to our new house than the one on 20. I call the 72 wal mart the ghetto wal mart.

Jason said...

I hate all Wal-Marts.

Lerra said...

My comment was really dorky.

"Think I'm just too white & nerdy...think I'm just too white & nerdy..."

Jamey said...

Laura, Avery likes that song. She danced to it the other night. Actually, she dances to everything that has a beat, so who knows if she really likes it or not.

Anonymous said...

i hate walmart, period. arent grocery stores kinda like hospitals? they should always have backup supplies of power if it affects the general publics health.