Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wake Like A Baby

Now that volleyball season is over we don't have to wake Avery up in the mornings, and she gets to sleep as long as she wants to. I love hearing her wake up and start talking to herself and her toys. Sometimes when I go in to get Avery up in the mornings or from her nap, I find myself laughing and running to find the camera.

When she was a teeny baby, she would stay swaddled most of the time, but slowly grew out of that stage. I remember the first day she 'busted loose' and had free hands. What a milestone.

As she got older, I remember hearing giggles, and walking in to find a smiling baby. When she started to sit up on her own, it was fun to find her sitting in the corner playing with her toys. Then when she started standing up on her own, it was extra fun (and a little nerve racking) to hear her jumping in her crib.

One day a few months ago she went down for her nap wearing a romper that she really had outgrown, but I wanted her to get to wear it one more time before retiring it. To my surprise, when she woke up from her nap, the bottom buttons as well as the top buttons had popped loose, leaving Avery with a 'belt' of a romper. The same thing happened soon after that episode with a pair of pajama bottoms that were too big. Apparently during the wallering around at night they came off, and she woke up without her pants on.

Then there are the sad times when I have to wake her up because we have to go somewhere. It's hard to wake anyone who sleeping, but it's really hard to wake a baby who is calm and peaceful. Of course there are times I find her hanging out of the crib, or all tangled up, but sound asleep. She's such a joy.


Kenny Simpson said...

Nice pictures.

sunny said...

Kids are so precious when they are asleep! I love the picture of Avery with her legs hanging out of the crib. Glad that you guys are done with volleyball and that you get to sleep in for a little bit longer.

Roxy Wishum said...

Great pictures! Sometimes I wish my three were that age again. But they provide a different kind of joy now. And they can dress themselves.

Anonymous said...

I love when you put pictures of her beside pictures of her... and of course I love what seems to me a pink soccer ball in her crib!! Yay, go Avery!

Jamey said...

A pink soccer ball it is! Her whole room is sports. She's getting pretty good at kicking that soccer ball down the hallway!

Kathy said...

So soccer may be her first sport? It was her daddy's! First game, came running off the field with tons of blood running down his face. Turns out he took a ball to the face, knocked out a loose tooth and his major concern was that he swallowed it and tooth fairy wouldn't leave him money! After being reassured that would be okay, he went right back to the game! Love ya, MamaKat