Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Time For Some Bragging

Everyday I'm amazed at what Avery learns, either from me, an outside source (other person or tv), or even on her own.

Yesterday we cleaned out some closets and found her jack-o-lantern to take trick or treating. I thought it was probably time to start teaching her how to say "trick or treat."
I started asking her if she could say it, and before I could even ask a second time, she was running around the house saying, "teet! teet!" Her word for treat. (It is also her word for tweet: what the bird says.)

As she ran from one corner of the house to the other, yelling "teet!", I could tell she was very concerned. Finally she ran to the laundry room door and pointed at something, looked at me and said, "teet" once again. While I looked where she was pointing, she ran to the back door and pointed out to where Curtis (the dog) was basking in the sun and yelled, "daw!" (Dog).

It was then I noticed she had first pointed at Curtis' treats.

You see, Avery is in charge of giving Curtis his treats. Apparently I did not put two and two together about trick or treat and (dog) treats, but she did. She's brilliant.

And she did not rest until I let Curtis in and she was allowed to give him his treat.


Kenny Simpson said...

Brilliant and stubborn. She has a one track mind just like her dad (the stubborn, not brilliant part).

Anonymous said...

yay! aVERY IS SO SMART!!! good for her!!!

Kathy said...

Maybe she loves animals and she'll be a vet! Love ya, Avery!
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Anonymous said...

Yay Avery she is SO smart!!
But I still love the stories of the kids who spend days practicing for trick or treat, and still run up to the neighbours door yelling "Give me some candy!" :)

Brooke Shands said...

You have a smart girl on your hands!!!!

sunny said...

She is a smart little cookie! That is very sweet of her to think of others before herself. I'm sure that she will have a blast going trick or treating!