Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mirror Redo

After Braden's room switcheroo, I moved his changing table to the entryway and took the top off so it doesn't look like a changing table. (I have yet to change out the knobs yet, but that will come in time.) Anyway, I've been looking for a mirror to put above it. My friend Amy found a treasure today at a garage sale for $5! It's hard to find big mirrors for so cheap, so I asked her to grab it up.

She warned me about the fruit, but it still took me a little off guard when I saw it. I'm not a fruit kind of gal...some people are, and I'm not dissing them, but it's just not me..especially in an entryway.

So...I started my wheels turning and paint a mixing. I had some aqua leftover from my dining room table and some yellow from my kitchen walls, so I mixed them together to make a softer aqua with a greenish tint. Then, I added some damaskish stencils to the corners in the light yellow, and finished it off with a light stain so it wouldn't look like it was freshly painted.

I am going to have to figure out how to reconfigure the entryway now because the accessories need to be changed out to fit the more contemporary feel. But for the time being...I'm pleased with the replacements of the fruit! (Who knows why this picture came out so teeny...)


Dana Dill said...

Love your blog!! I didn't realize you had one. I love that you changed the changing table into usable furniture. lol! I can't wait to be able to do that in the future.

Amy said...

Love IT! I knew you couldn't submit to the fruit! :-) Glad I found it and made up for past mistakes. On to our next project!

Laura said...

Oh, man...I wanna see a bigger pic of the finished product! From what I can tell, it looks great! Impressive find too, at just $5.