Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo! Lollipop Ghosts!

The kids and I enjoyed our morning of making lollipop ghosts! I saw the idea online, but did not remember where (sorry; not meaning to plagerize here..)

What you'll need is a block of almond bark (or white chocolate chips), mini chocolate chips (for the eyes), lollipop sticks (I found mine at Wal-mart in the party section), wax paper, and a few great little helpers!

Melt the chocolate according to package. I started with 90 seconds, then stirred, and added increments of 15 seconds, stirring until all melted.

Next, plop desired amount on wax paper (we put our wax paper on top of cookie sheets so the kids could move them around easier), and form into desired shapes. You need to make sure it's thick enough so it won't break at the end.

Add lollipop stick, then put more chocolate on top of the stick. Decorate with chocolate chip eyes. The kids added noses and mouths too!

As you can see, the kids make some very interesting shapes! Avery went with smaller ones, and after finishing the process, I realized I probably should have encouraged Chance and Braden to make smaller ones too. That way when they eat them, they aren't getting too much all at once.

They don't take very long to set, and then enjoy!! This little guy is my favorite.


Amy said...

Very cute! I was planning on making ours today too, but time just got away from me. Hopefully before the end of the week. Then we will pick someone out to share them with.

Dana Dill said...

I love that idea!! I will try it this year just to see if Asher is old enough to realize what is going on and if not, I guess I'll have to eat a lot of chocolate! lol!
Thanks for sharing!!