Thursday, August 19, 2010

Braden's potty training

Yesterday Braden decided he wanted to start going potty. I've never pushed it with my kids. I've always felt that when it's time, they know it, so why mess with the accidents and such until necessary. (With Avery, I waited and it only took a few days for her to catch on.)
Apparently Braden decided yesterday was the day. We have been talking about it in passing, and if he sees someone else going potty, he will try. He's never had success until yesterday.

Right before bed, he asked if he could go, and he went. Avery was there the whole time encouraging him. She ran out and told Kenny. We all applauded and shared M&Ms.

Well, today when Braden woke up he was dry, so I asked if he wanted to go potty again. He said yes, and tried, but had no success. We tried big boy underwear for a bit, but then I had the other kids' schooling going on and didn't really have time to clean up a mess. At one point, he had on a pull up and asked if that would leak. Before I realized what he meant, he shivered...I did know what that meant! After a while, I thought I'd try the no pants at all method. It worked most of the morning.
Later, while I was fixing lunch, I heard him screaming my name. I ran in and he was sitting at the table. He had an accident and didn't really know what was happening. I felt so bad because he was so scared. We got him cleaned up and diapered up.

Fast forward to after my games tonight. He spent the afternoon and evening with his Nonna. When I met up with them at Kenny's football game, Braden asked me, "is this going to leak?" So I asked if he needed to go potty. He said yes! So off we went, and went he did! His diaper was dry at that point.
We finished watching the game, came home, and were getting ready for baths. I took his diaper off and it was still dry. He always knows Avery goes potty before getting in the tub. As I was filling up the tub, I turned around to find him going potty without being asked!

My little man is catching on!

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