Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another milestone

Braden has had a big week! Potty training himself, and now tonight is his first night in his big boy bed! We finally got the mattresses picked up, and figured tonight is as good as any. He told me he would rather sleep in his crib. (Avery told him we needed to put it in the shed in case we had another baby--but that's a whole other train of thought...)

I asked him why he wanted to sleep in his crib, and he said he was scared because his big boy bed was too big for him. I put his bumpers on either side of him so he could snuggle up like he normally does in his crib. (And so he would have less of a chance to roll off the bed.)

We did our nightly bedtime ritual, but instead of all getting in Avery's bed to sing and pray, we moved the party to Braden's bed. Avery was the most excited I think.

When we left the room, my little man's tiny body was tucked into what seemed like a massive bed.

Add another *sniff* here.

(Pictures still to come...)

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