Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Avery went to the doctor on Tuesday. She had Xrays taken and was supposed to get a colorful cast. She did great during the Xrays, but was apprehensive about a new cast. The doctor said her old one was still in good condition, so he let her keep that one. He was also happy to relate that her bones were perfectly lined back up. He said he expected to see a bit of a curve this early in the game, but he was very pleased that everything was on the mend so quickly.

Is it weird that I'm sad that she's not going to have a color?

Braden took three steps on Monday! He hasn't done it since, but I'm not rushing him since he's my baby. He can take as long as he wants to walk.
He is also getting consistent with his "bye bye!" and waves. It's just too cute. When you try to get him to wave and say bye bye when you aren't leaving, he looks at you weird and boycotts. The second you walk out the door or walk away from someone, he busts out with his bye bye and wave.

Yesterday he discovered, "uh oh!" He dropped something, and I said it. He cut his eyes toward me with that silly grin and repeated, "uh oh!" Then it was a game from then on with him throwing anything he could get his hands on to tort, "uh oh!"
Volleyball has been going well. Our record is 2-2, but it feels like we've done better than that. Last night we played the best team in the city, and we almost won. We played very evenly, if not better, so I think we have a chance next week against them in our own gym. It's nice to finally be reaping some of the rewards of building a team from scratch. Hopefully they will only get better each year!

Kenny is doing well. He's been very busy, but still finds time to hang out with his kiddos. He even surprised me by showing up at my game yesterday! I guess I got lucky that it stormed so bad they had to have a short practice inside. For some reason, I feel more confident when he's there. Plus, I'm glad he witnessed that great game because I would not have been able to do it justice with words.

I'm also proud of Kenny because he chose to lead our small group that just started a few weeks back. This is his busiest time of year, and I am proud of his willingness to lead in more areas than one. Our study is the Homebuilder's Couple Series; Building Your Marriage. I feel like we've already started to grow closer, and it has come at a very good time since we see very little of each other right now.

Below you will also see pictures of my birthday celebration. Kenny had a JV game that night, so my good friend Dawn took the kids and me to Olive Garden. Afterwards, we came home to a yummy cake that she made especially for me! It was YUMMY! Avery enjoyed it too. We took the picture ourselves, so it's not the best picture, but I wanted to remember my happy day.


Kara said...

Braden is so beautiful in these pictures! He is such a pretty baby. I don't think it's weird that you're disappointed about the colored cast; I would've been too.

Sunny said...

Braden is SO cute! I can't believe that he is taking steps!!! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday (Olive Garden is my favorite)! Dawn, your hair looks gorgeous!!! And the cake is SO beautiful!!! Congrats on your wins. I was very excited to see both you and Kenny coaching your teams. The other day Joshua was running around the house telling me that he was the quarterback for the Eagles!

Kat Simpson said...

I can hardly believe he is walking :) and he looks totally different in the face than when we saw him . . . . oh wow.

Will Avery get her cast later?

I'm sorry your surprise party got surprised out :( but glad you got treated by Dawn.

Jamey said...

The doctor said if Avery changes her mind, she can come back in for a color. Otherwise, she'll have this one until Sept. 30th when we go back to (hopefully) get it off forever. Since it seemed to be healing so quickly, he doesn't think we'll have to go 6 weeks..just 4.

Kenny Simpson said...

Joshua is welcome to come this way and QB the Eagles any time. Braden is growing up quckly.

Roxy Wishum said...

That is a beautiful cake and very sweet friend. Congrats on the teambuilding and on Kenny's willingness to be a "teambuilder" on several levels. I know it helps him a lot for you to support and thank him publicly.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

very cool cake. No, I would have been disappointed as well. is it weird that I wanted to sign it???