Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Miss

(Picture is not from the weekend.)

Sunday afternoon, Kenny and I left for our coaches' retreat at Children's Harbor Lodge. Thanks to our friends, Dawn and Chris, we were able to stay until Tuesday without worrying about the kids. Not only was it a nice break away from diapers, making sure munchkins eat, enforcing bedtimes, and putting myself last, it was nice to get to know our co-workers better.

The days were filled with leadership training, games, laughs and lots of fun. On Monday, we participated in a Ropes Course, which was fantastic. It has been a long time since I have been put to the test physically and mentally. I could write for days about this, but I'll try to make it short.

We passed each other through a 'spider web' above people's heads.

We climbed up a 30 foot telephone pole, stood on top of that tiny circle, and jumped off to a trapeze. Unfortunately, I missed the trapeze and felt like I was free falling for a bit.

We made it around a tightrope made of wire.

We pulled and pushed to get us all over a 25 foot wall.

We rock climbed on a 50 foot wall, then repelled down the other side. This is what pushed my mind the most. Half way up the wall, I thought it would be really easy to give up. Then I realized that I knew I would be furious with myself if I did not complete my task so I pushed on.

Once I reached the top, I realized that I have not felt that sense of accomplishment in a long time. It was nice, but I thought my arms were going to fall off.
Overall, the Ropes Course was a wonderful way for us to become more of a team. It was neat seeing how everyone could communicate with each other. It was also fun to watch the exchange of leadership from one task to the next. We could not have done anything we did without everyone's involvement.

After more meetings, laughs and food, we headed home. Avery was happy to see me. Braden smiled at Kenny.

And the biggest accomplishment of all:

Somewhere between Sunday afternoon at 1:15 and Tuesday afternoon at 1:15, Braden started crawling!

YEAH for Braden!

BOO that I missed that big step in his life.

Here's how I'm looking at it. Even though I missed the first pats of hands and knees, Braden and I shared in some growth; his was physical, and mine was mental.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

yay! glad you guys had a great time! congrats to braden on crawling! woohooo!

Shelley said...

I have never done anything like that. That sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder if I would be able to complete it!

Yeah for Braden!!

P.S. Heather Kemper went into labor this morning. She is having a little boy named.....Braden!!!! : )

Stacy said...

Hey! Glad it was a good weekend! Don't sweat missing one milestone--you're a great mom who's around all the time! Just feel blessed that you get to see so many things that other moms might have to miss!

I missed Jordan crawling too...We were away for our anniv when she did it! :(

Roxy Wishum said...

WAY-TO-GO! That sounds like so much fun. I have always wanted to "play" on a ropes course and never had the opportunity. I am glad you pushed yourself beyond what seemed possible. Your kids will benefit from your insight.

Kat Simpson said...

sounds like a great weekend :)

Lerra said...

I've done the trapeze thing & I missed it too. :-) It's harder than it looks! Glad y'all had fun.

Jamin said...

Well when I open my rock climbing gym you'll have a place to come practice those mad climbing skills