Monday, July 14, 2008

Excerpts From Avery's World

I love both of my kids dearly, but it seems that there is an extra special place in my heart for Avery. I don't know if it's because she was my first born; the one whom I was able to spend countless hours playing, shopping, drawing, singing, and teaching one on one. Maybe it's because of her age and her fun personality that spouts out funny quips time after time. Whatever the reason, she is my joy and I store up the things she shares with me in my heart.

One of my favorite parts of our day now is bedtime. Since she was a baby, I was always the one to put her to bed. Shortly before Braden was born, Kenny took over the job because I knew I would probably be preoccupied with nursing or calming him during that time of night. Recently, Avery has reclaimed her nighttime routine with Momma. Daddy just won't do. At first I slightly resented the fact that I was not able to relax a little, but I soon came to realize that was one of our precious alone times that I came to treasure so dearly.

I recount all of this to share two 'Avery' stories that take place during our evening wind-down. Our routine consists of two books, a prayer and a song. I don't know why I've been extra sentimental with her lately, but I enjoy watching her every move. While watching her the other night I realized she has her own ritual within our nighttime routine.

She sits in front of her bookcase, perusing the selection in anticipation of finding just the right fit for the evening. You see, with hundreds of stories to choose from, it's nearly impossible to only pick two. (This predicament normally turns into her trying to barter her way into three or even four books!) So there she sits, poised with her pointer finger sliding across the top of the bindings. She thinks she finds one to her liking, tilts it out, only to mutter, "no" under her breath. More sliding ensues; more tilting, followed by more "No's." Finally we find a "yes!" she exclaims, pulling it out and setting her treasure beside her before looking for more gold.

This happens every night. I wait for her in her bed; sometimes more patiently than others. Then we are ready to settle in for some snuggles and adventures.

The other night, her selections included her Bible for mothers and daughters. I decided to take the opportunity to add that book to our routine each night. Our first night of reading, she was mesmerized (even though she had already heard the story of Adam and Eve several times). Since she was so in tune to God's word and the things He was teaching us that night, we looked at each other, and I expounded on some of the study questions. I was excited to see her eyes seemed to be eagerly anticipating my every word. She nodded happily to my questions and thoughts. As this was happening, I was thinking about how glad I was that my sweet Avery was listening so intently to God's word.

Then she spoke. "Momma," she said.

"Your lips are talking, and they look really funny."

Then she turned back to the Bible and started asking more questions.


This morning Avery was watching Mr. Rogers. As he came to the point in his song 'won't you please, won't you please? Please won't you be my neighbor?' I asked Avery if she would be my neighbor.

She replied, "no, I'm your Avery."


Roxy Wishum said...


Lerra said...

I almost cried at the Bible story, and then she said something witty and made me laugh. :-)

Stacy said...

I loved the reading story! We haven't done a bedtime book with Lawson in several months because he started learning how to milk it for longer and longer and longer! Maybe we'll start doing that again, especially since it won't be long since J will be in a bed too and will need that routine!

Avery's such a sweet girl and we can't wait to see her! (And YOU!)

Sunny said...

She is just beautiful! I'm so happy that you have such special times with her.

Shelley said...

Those are precious memories. I know what you mean about taking it all to heart and soaking it all in. I hate to think there is so much of their little lives that I have forgotten. I wish we could just bottle up the memories to have forever. Thankfully, we can write them down and of course there will always be some that stick in our minds. I am glad that you and Avery have some special mom and daughter time. That time is priceless!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

awe. how cute is she? love those pics. eat her up! gobble gobble! what? im tired.

Kara said...

That's so sweet! I love this age when they just pop out with these random and funny sayings.

The Bowerman Blog said...

What a precious little girl! I loved reading that post. Those are some special one on one times. Avery is getting so big! She is beautiful and she looks just like her mommy. Heard ya'll were in Huntsville last week. Wish we could have been there.

Corey & Alisha said...

So sweet! Mothers and daughters really do have a special bond. It's neat to hear that you girls are having so much fun together.

It sounds like you guys have had a fun summer! I'm glad you guys got to have some good family time.

Kat Simpson said...

special moments . . .