Monday, June 23, 2008

Viva Vacation!

So this is long overdue, but I thought I would go ahead and write about our trip to Florida.

We drove down on Sunday and were able to spend that evening and the next day with Kenny's mom, dad, brothers, sister (Tom, Jon, Kirk and April) as well as his grandfather. We were also able to visit the High School campus where Kenny graduated. He attended three different high schools, but I think he claims this one as his "home" because he went there his freshman, sophomore and part of his senior year. We also were able to catch up with some friends that Kenny went to school with. I feel like I know them because I met them when Kenny and I first started dating; then Barry was in our wedding, now 10 years later we still have kept in touch.

Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Disney World. It was truly a Magic Kingdom for Avery. It was fun to see her face and watch the joyous expressions as she discovered new things. I found myself, along with everyone else, 'overloading' her by saying, "Avery look at this! Wow! Look at that!" I finally backed off because I could tell she was getting a little overstimulated. I then realized she is her own little person who can observe things all on her own.

We waited in line to see Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy. We also met Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Avery explored Minnie's house and the Swiss Family Robinson tree all on her own. We enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, Pooh Bear's Book, Dumbo, Aladin, and the Jungle Cruise as a family. An all time favorite of Avery and Braden's was It's A Small World. I still think the little figures are a little creepy, but by the end of the ride, both of my kids were hypnotized by the colors and happy tunes. Avery sang "It's A Small World" for days.

Kenny and I were able to sneak back to the park one night without kids to enjoy Space Mountain with his brother, Jon, and April. It was a great ride, but I realized how my focus has changed to my children instead of my own wishes since becoming a mother. I would choose to see Avery and Braden's faces on one ride rather than ride an adult ride 10 times.

The next day we drove to Kenny's 'home' town, Palm Bay. He doesn't really claim it as home because his family moved there when he went away to college, but I think of it as his home because that's where I visited him during our dating years. While there, we enjoyed a day at the beach!

On Friday we drove back to spend another day with Kenny's grandfather and family before heading home on Saturday.

This trip was so much fun, not only for our kids and the fun in all the hotel pools, Disney park, beach, etc. I especially enjoyed this trip because of the time we were able to spend with Kenny's family. It's been too long since we've spent quality time together, and I feel like I grew even closer to all of them. (And of course it didn't hurt that they were more than willing to watch the kids for us while we snuck in a date/movie one night!)

So, after seven days, six nights, two long road trips, millions of laughs, a few tears, Cuban food, Italian food, Chinese food and way too much fast food, we were home safe and sound.


Roxy Wishum said...

"she is her own little person" How does that feel? I love the picture of Braden with the water up to his waist and the one where his body language seems to be daring the waves to come in.

Kenny Simpson said...

Great pictures. It was a great trip.

Brooke Shands said...

Those are great pictures! I love the ones of Avery and the princesses!!!

Kara said...

It looks like yall had soo much fun! I can't wait to go with Jack and Riley! I understand what you mean by overstimulating the kids; I often find myself trying to point everything out to Jack so he doesn't miss anything while really, he can see things for himself.

Shelley said...

I am so glad that you had a good time. I have missed reading your posts. That was a big trip. It still is funny to me how similar our lives are - even our husbands lives. Mat's family just moved back to Florida so I am looking forward to planning a trip to see them. I was hoping to go this fall but we will just have to wait and see. Avery looked like she had fun and so did Braden. He looked like a little trooper just going along and joining in the family fun. Those are precious memories !!!!

Sunny said...

What fun times!!! It looks like everyone had such a great time! I am looking forward to the days when we can take our family to Disney. I agree with you, the figures on the Small World ride are quite creepy!

Stacy said...

Glad you guys had such a great trip! I really enjoyed reading about it and watching your slide show!

P.S. Just b/c I was commentless on the last post about your Grandmom doesn't mean I was "thoughts about you"-less or prayer-less! Been thinking about you and sending up prayers for your family!

Love ya!

Lerra said...

Oh how I LOVE Disney World!! I'm glad y'all had a good trip!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

glad you guys had such a great trip. love those pics.

Kat Simpson said...

i will treasure these memories forever. . . love you all more than words can say.