Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eight Months

I've been doing a lot of growing over the past few months. Momma got a little behind on my 6 and 7 month posts, so I have a lot to talk about!

I have not been to the doctor for an official weigh in, but I think I'm pushing 22 pounds.

I've been wearing 12 month clothes for a while now. There are still a few things marked 9 months that I can fit in, but those are mainly brand new items that haven't been washed a million times.

I am still not crawling, but I want to. My favorite thing to do is sit and twist myself in whichever direction I think I need to go, then reach as far out as possible. I end up in a crawling position, but slowly slide back onto my tummy. I am strong enough to pull/push myself back up onto my hands and knees, but still don't try to go anywhere. Momma says that's making her life easier for just a little longer.

Even though I'm not moving around, I like to stand and hold onto things. I can't pull up on my own, but if you put my by the couch or a toy, I can stand until I get too excited and start jumping.

Avery makes me laugh, but she seems less interested in my lately. I've found other friends to enjoy, and every child at any age makes me smile.

I'm a happy baby who gets along with everyone. Last week at VBS, I was the only baby in the nursery while Momma worked. I had four grandmas who took me in as their own and were at my beck and call. I loved it.

Momma, Avery and I flew on an airplane to Texas to visit my Grammy, Pop, and momma's Grandmom for over a week. I did really well on the plane and charmed everyone along the way. That was the first time I've visited Momma's hometown, and everyone at church loved me.

While I was in Texas, I slept all the way through the night two times! The rest of the time, I only woke up once. Since I've been home I've had a few rough nights, but I'm down to waking up only once consistenly. I eat and go right back to sleep within 7-10 minutes. Momma says she can handle that a lot better.

I can say "Dada" and "Ball." Still working on "Mama," but I love to babble and make funny noises. I've recenlty learned the 'gurgle' but magically keep all the spit in my mouth.

I have two teeth on the bottom, but didn't give momma too hard of a time as they came in.

I still eat a lot. Momma's milk was not completely satisfying me anymore, so I'm on formula full time now. I still scarf down all my veggies and fruits. It's been fun trying new combinations. Daddy has even given me some mashed potatoes and refried beans. I've also had tastes of ice cream and like that...a lot!

My favorite thing to do is mimic Daddy after he coughs. Momma thinks it's funny to hear my cough after Daddy's.

I can finally hold my bottle by myself. It's helpful for Momma, but it also shows her how grown up I am.

I've also learned to clap. I can't do it all the time, but every once in a while, I get really excited and clap really big.


Sunny said...

What a sweet baby boy! I LOVE the pictures! He has such gorgeous eyes! Braden sounds like quite the charmer. Are you guys planning on making a visit up here? If so, we would love to get the chance to visit with you some! Last time we saw you Braden was still in your tummy (and Jack was a tiny little baby)!

Jamey said...

Sunny, we're coming to Huntsville July 15-19th for our annual coaching clinic. I'm excited to get to see everyone and catch up!


He's getting so big, Jamey! I can't believe it! I just saw your post about ya'll coming to Huntsville. Can't wait! Hope we get to see you guys!

Kara said...

These pictures are adorable! He's getting so big so fast! It seems like just yesterday Riley was at that age where she was trying to crawl.

Roxy Wishum said...

Wow! Your pictures are OUTSTANDING. You are going to have to enter some in a baby photo contest.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

he's getting so big! you willbe so glad to have these one day.

Lerra said...

Those are great pics! I cannot believe he's wearing 12-month clothes. Ok actually I can believe it, considering what a chunk he is! :-)