Monday, April 21, 2008


Boston: The historical tour was nice, but very similar to the trip we took a few years back. Lots of walking ensued, so it was nice to get in some exercise and build up my calf muscles while looking at beautiful buildings and historical markers.

Kenny and Dallas (one of the kids) decided it was necessary to take a picture with every single statue in Boston. If anyone else reading this has been to Boston, you know how often we had to stop, then run to catch back up with the group. I had a shin splint by the end of it all.

The first night in Boston included The Blue Man Group show. I must say that was by far the BEST show I have ever witnessed. It combined elements of art, music, humor, audience participation, videography, improptu, and so much more. Our seats were in the poncho section front and center, and was a show that entertained old and young alike. For those who may not be familiar with The Blue Man Group, they are the three blue men who appear on commercials and other shows who are in a constant state of discovery. My cheeks hurt from laughing the entire time, and at every turn, I was amazed at the talent and genious of those who put it all together. From the amazing druming performances filled with flying paint to the art of figuring out how to eat, it was fantastic. I could go on for an entire post solely about Blue Man Group, but others may not be as amazed as I was.

We topped the second night in Boston off with a Celtics game. I was excited to go to the game, but it soon wore off when we were bombarded with 'drunk, loud, obnoxious, nasty mouthed, 40ish year old men who thought they were all that' behind us. Three of our girls had beer spilled on them, with no apologies, only flirtatious remarks (to 17 year old girls, mind you). Needless to say, I have a bad connoation now about the Celtics and will forever cheer against them even though it's not their fault.

Canada was nice. We had more free time there, so Kenny and I got to spend more time with just us without teenagers around. That helped make the trip feel like a mini vacation. It's weird looking at the pictures and not seeing two little chillins in them with us. I guess that's how we looked three years and 10 pounds ago. We did the usual shopping, dining (at the Rainforest Cafe), and then we had an old timey picture taken. On our honeymoon we had one taken, and we said we were going to do that each anniversary. Seven years later, we finally got around to having another one taken.

Niagra Falls: The ultimate summation of God's beauty, power, might, and awesomeness. When we drove into Canada, the Falls were off to our left, and were semi far away. We all must have been expecting the same thing because although no one said it, we all had a sense of disappointment. Our hotel overlooked the Falls, and that evening we walked down to see them lit by lights. It was amazing, but still not as impressive as I imagined. It was not until the following day that my disappointment vanished. We were able to tour behind the Falls, and we literally traveled in the tunnels beneath the Falls to portholes that led behind the Falls. It was fantastic. While standing on the river banks overlooking God's creation, I was awestruck. We always say we are imperfect beings and not worthy of much, but I felt priviledged to say that the same hands who created the glory falling before us, also formed me.

On the flight out, we were able to witness the beauty all over again.

While we were in Boston, Kenny got news that his uncle had passed away, so when we got home Sunday night at 11:30 p.m., we re-packed for a trip to Nashville the next day. Early Monday morning, we left for the trip, spent some time with Kenny's family, then turned around and left Tuesday morning so we would be back in time for the Jr. High Championship track meet. That was a whirlwind trip in itself, and even though the circumstances were not good, we were blessed to spend time with Kenny's mom, dad, and brother, Kirk and sister, April. Avery was excited to get to ride back to Montgomery in daddy's truck with Uncle Tom, so that gave me a little time to catch up on sleep while Braden slept. It was sad to drive through Columbia, where one of my good friends from college lives, as well as have to pass Huntsville by without saying hellos to all of our friends there.

Now we're home safely with a our Sectional track meet this weekend, followed by State next weekend. Maybe things will calm down a bit...then again, football and volleyball start, so who knows if life will ever calm down again. My bet is probably not.


anon said...

boston is such a cool city
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Stacy said...

Wow!! You did a great job of summing up the trip! Sounds like great fun! :) I just heard of the Blue Man Group today for the first time while watching Oprah's Big Give on my DVR. They sound pretty cool...but I don't quite get it! Would be pretty neat to get to go, though!

Sorry to hear about Kenny's uncle. Once again, sadly though, we are going through the same thing at the same time! Weird how our families seem to do that!

I'm so glad you got some time away...I'm sure the kiddos were so glad to see you when you came home! Hope everything went well with your parents.

Talk to you soon... ;)

Anonymous said...

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Stacy said... are certainly attracting an, um, diverse crowd with this post! ;)

Sunny said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of Kenny's uncle.

I'm so glad that the two of you were able to get away together. It looks like you guys had a great time in Boston and Canada. How awesome is that that you were able to tour behind the falls! Jason and I went (on the other side) several years ago and we were just awestruck too. I can only imagine being behind it all.

Loved hearing all about it and seeing your pictures! Isn't it just great to be able to get away with just your hubby every now and then?

Shelley said...

What a great post. Your writing skills are shining!! That is a part of the country I have never been to but it looks like great fun. I would love to see the Falls. God is so amazing! I have heard of the Blue Man group. They came to LR a week or so ago but we didn't get to go. Mat and I said that we thought that would be a cool show. I am glad that you went and had a good time.
I am sorry to hear about Kenny's family. I pray that they can feel God's peace through this difficult time.

Miss you much,

Sunny said...

I just noticed the other comments. I have seen these everywhere, but am too afraid to follow the links. I think that if you enable word verification on your blog, it will cut out all of the "spam" comments.

Roxy Wishum said...

WOW! THE BLUE MAN GROUP!!! They are sooo cool. I have only seen them on TV but would love to see a live show. And you had your picture take with them! What celebreties! Your pictures of Niagra are great, especially the photo from the plane. Glad you had a fun and safe time.

Roxy Wishum said...

Sorry, I have to add two more comments. 1) I love that the photo of you and Kenny with the Blue Men is in front of the sign "No Photos Please" and 2) Did Kenny sing in a gravelly voice "Love that dirty river, owwww Boston you're my home"?

Jamey said...

The 'no photos' phrase was one of my favorite parts of the pic! It was a scrolling sign...we thought that was pretty ironic.

Kara said...

That sounds like so much fun! I also love the pic that says "no photos please." Great! By the way, I want to invite yall out to the house sometime soon. I'm glad to hear that track season is almost over so maybe we can plan something then.


Ya'll have had a lot going on lately! I'm glad ya'll got to get away without the kids...even thought high schoolers were there. It's still nice to have a break from the kids and to get away from home. Ya'll got to do a lot of fun things! I have to know...are those blue people in the picture real people??? Somebody might've already asked, but I couldn't tell. :)
So sorry about Kenny's uncle. I know you're glad to be home after everything that's been going on. Funny how we love to get away, but it's always nice coming back home to to what's "normal and routine" isn't it?

Jamey said...

Anna, they are real! I loved how they stayed in character after the show for pics.

JSM said...

I am officially offended that you were not impressed with the falls from the get-go... Did you not stand by that iron fence right where the river drops off the edge??? I can not tell you how many time in my life I have stood there and watched it all plunge over...
Glad you had a vacation and time with Kenny!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

wow looks like you guys stayed busy...i didnt know you got to see some of canada too! glad you guys got go get away! oh men scare me. nightmares.

Jamey said...

Judy-I meant when we drove into Canada, and the view from the bus.

Corey & Alisha said...

Oh my! I looks like you guys had a great time on your trip. It is so great when you get a chance to get away without the kids. It reminds us of all the fun we used to have when we were just a twosome! I hope things slow down a little for you guys.