Friday, April 04, 2008

Five Months Old

I don't know how much I weigh, but I would assume I'm getting close to 18 pounds.

I also know that I'm growing taller because I don't fit in many of my clothes that have feet and are less than 9 month sizes.

I love my feet, and play with them all the time.

I would be perfectly content to never wear clothes. Momma likes my chubby, chubby, chubby thighs.

Avery still makes me laugh, and now that I can reach out and grab things, I've snatched her hair, blanket and some of her toys. She's sweet to me, but I can tell she's not going to be super happy when I can follow her everywhere she goes.

I love every vegetable that I've tried, which includes carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, and grean beans. I look like a little baby bird with my mouth open, anticipating every bite!

Anytime I'm watching someone else eat, I open my mouth for a bite. When I realize the food is not going into my mouth, I get a little upset and never take my eyes off of their eating utensil.

I can roll from my back to my side, but still haven't rolled over all by myself.

My favorite monkey is still the best toy ever!

I've been to several track meets, and am always a good sport.

My first trip to the beach was so much fun! I loved how the wind took my breath away, and had a hard time stopping my laughing so I could get some oxygen.

When I'm on my tummy, I can scootch (that's momma's word) around. I don't go anywhere, but I can change directions where I'm looking.

My momma and daddy are going away for the first time without me. Grammy and Pop are coming to take care of Avery and me. I look forward to a fun time of getting spoiled!

I like sitting in my 'jeep' activity center. The phone is my favorite part because I can put it in my mouth.

I've started eating a little formula so I can get ready for Grammy and Pop's visit since momma didn't get enough milk saved up.

I look forward to sitting up all by myself all the time without tipping over.

Momma and Daddy are still amazed at how fast time is flying by! I'm still one of their best blessings ever!


Roxy Wishum said...

Wow, Braden, you write so well. Have you thought about a career as a sportswriter?


He's getting so big! Those little chubby legs. :)

Sunny said...

What a sweet little baby boy! So where are you and Kenny off to?

Lerra said...

I can't believe he can wear 9 month clothes!

Stacy said...

Loved the Beach pics!

Avery's bike is GREAT! I almost got Lawson one but thought he was still too little. Now I'm having second thoughts....

Braden is so cute! He favors Avery, but they definitely have their own characteristics!!

I can't believe how big and healthy he is! He's so tall, and with all this track experience, maybe he'll be a great hurdles and long jumper??

Whew! Am I caught up??? :)
Sorry to have been missing you! Glad you guys are doing well. Where are you going for a trip? Tell Grammy and Pop that our fam said "Hi" too!

Jamey said...

We are going on a school trip as chaperones to Boston and Niagra Falls. Kenny is King of finding us trips to go on for free. Fine with me! Even though we'll be responsible for a few kids, I won't have to change them or make sure they eat or take naps. Nice.

Shelley said...

He is so sweet, Jamey! I am glad he is a good eater. Lawson has just now learned how to eat from a spoon. I didn't know some babies have trouble with that. Easton took right to it. Yeah for Braden!

Kristy said...

so cute! My favorite part was the description of the "first beach trip." Hope you and your fam are all doing well!