Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Notable Quotes Exercising in Circles

Today when I was getting ready to exercise, I put on socks and shoes. Avery watched and said, "momma, where are my socks and shoes? I need them to exercise." We could go no further until they were on and secure. As I tied hers, she said, "momma, make sure yours are tied too."

Then we turned on the fitness channel. They were doing a step aerobic thing. Avery started jumping around. I said, "I wish we had a stepper so we could do this one."

Mid-jump, Avery tossed a, "next time we go to the store, we can get one, okay?" over her shoulder.

Since it looked like a really good workout, I tried to do it without a stepper. Turns out the leader started doing stuff that you can't do without one, so I stopped. Avery said, "momma, keep going."

I said, "we can't do this one."

She said, "yes you can momma, you can do it!"

My little encourager.

Also, you can see the latest of the misfit pictures. My mom sent another box of hand-me-downs from her friend, and as we went through them, Avery kept putting on the clothes she liked a lot. Her final choice: Barbie nightgown and fuzzy frog hat.

Her latest drawings include lots of circles, all sizes and 'shapes' (even though they are all circles...) Before this, it was just lots of straight lines all in a row. I tried to capture a picture, and you can barely see all the different colors of circles on her chalkboard. After she draws one picture, she erases it and says, "Let's draw another pretty picture."

Surprisingly enough, even though that picture also includes an array of circles, they do look different.


Kenny Simpson said...

love her smile in both pitures.

Sunny said...

Precious! She is so adorable and those smiles just melt your heart!

Abby Kate makes those same circles all over the place!

Roxy Wishum said...

Very cute! I sure could use her encouragement during exercise. The only voices I hear are saying "You are too old for this!" and the voice sounds familiar.

Stacy said...

That is a cute exercise story and the picture of her in the nightgown in so pretty! :)

I have an exercise story too: A couple weeks ago I decided to start going to the gym again and see how the kids did in the KidKare for 30 minutes or so. On the way I was trying to explain what was going to happen so Lawson would adjust better. They walked right in and after a short workout (last time i took them Jordan cried for 15 min straight--didn't want to push my luck)I came back to get them.

We were walking out and Lawson asked, in a loud voice so EVERYONE could hear, "Mommy, did you play exercise? Can I play exercise too?"

Brooke said...

Exercising together....I love it!! I have done that with my kids before and it is so funny how they really try and do it jus tike you are. I end up laughing for most of it but the memories of quality time together are unforgettable.


What a big girl she is becoming! She looks so pretty and grown up in the bottom picture. :)

Lerra said...

You exercise? Gaaahhh I'm so lazy. ;-)

Bethany said...

I'm with Lerra and this one...Exercise? It hurts so I don't do it! :) Everyone tells me that it gets better but..I dont believe them. I hope you have better luck than me with it! :)

Kat Simpson said...

BOY, she looks so much like you in that bottom photo with her long hair. Wow. MamaKat