Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Ready

I'm working on my 38th week! I remember being very uncomfortable with Avery, but this time around I was determined to enjoy every last minute and not wish for it to be over.

Well, I've given in and decided that I'm ready. Sometimes.

Some days I'm so excited about Braden making his entrance, and other days I'm scared to death. Of course there's nothing I can do about it at this point except pray. I know that God isn't going to let me enter being a mother of two in the wrong mindset, so when Braden gets here, I'm sure I'm going to be in the excited stage.

When I was pregnant with Avery, I had tons of contractions and I always wondered if I would know what the real ones felt like. Everyone told me that I would definately know. They were right.

It's funny how memories fade because this time around I keep wondering if I'm having some real ones along the way. I thought last night was the night. Contractions came every 4 minutes for an hour, but only every third one hurt pretty badly. Once I went to sleep, I had some more that woke me up.

Apparently it wasn't time because here I sit with a baby still in my tummy.

Quick Avery story: Last night we went to Kenny's JV football game. On the way into the gate Avery said, "where's Braden?"

I told her he was still in my tummy.

She then proceeded to say, "when he gets here, we're going to take him to football games too!"

Smart girl. I'm sure we're all in for many more football games to come.


Amanda said...

I would've been right had you of gone in late last night! My prediction still stands for today... seeing as the next prediction isn't until the 18th. If the "as long as you don't go over" game works, I'm right up until then!

I wish Conner would get excited! He's been telling me lately that "Me baby". Oh well!

Stacy said...

You look so pretty! I'm so excited for you guys! We can't wait to meet Braden!

Sunny said...

Look at you and that cute bump!!! So excited about Braden's birth. I can't wait to see him!