Monday, March 19, 2007

Open For Business!

So it's taken a while, but Paintdrops and Lollipops (the umbrella company name for Little Boy Blue and PattyCake Designs) is open for business!

Last week, Ashley and I ventured into The Shoppes at My Kids Attic to get ideas for our upcoming booth at GraceLift. Then just for fun, we asked about rent prices. Little did we know, there would be a spot in our price range! So, between Wednesday and Saturday, we rented, painted, and filled our new boutique! It all happened so fast, and we're glad that it did.

Since we decided to hold off on the website for a while, things seemed to slow down for our ideas and readiness to promote. Now we hope it will pick back up now that we have a real outlet for our products. People will be exposed to our items daily instead of monthly!

So, if you're in the neighborhood (or if you want to head toward Colliseum Blvd.) take a gander in My Kids Attic. Toward the back, on the right side, you'll see "Paintdrops & Lollipops!" (The real life image is much more appealing that the picture below. The camara could not capture the quaint, coziness of our boutique.)


Lerra said...

Yay - it's so cute! I can't wait to see it in person!! Good luck with the new place! (I'm using too many exclamation points!)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

yay! call me when you get the chance. Im too curious about what you sold. ;)

Kenny Simpson said...

Already sold 4 items...good job.

Shelley said...

I just checked out your blog. I forget so often that you have a blog. I am so happy for your new adventure. I pray that it is a huge success and you sell a lot at your new place. The pictures of Avery are adorable, as usual. I so wish that we lived closer so she and Easton could grow up together. Congratulations again on the new baby. Mat and I are very excited for you. Tell Kenny for us. I love and miss you, Shelley

Kristy said...

cute! can't wait to come visit!