Monday, March 12, 2007

I Am Blessed

Saturday was a long day for Kenny and me because of the track meet in Mobile. It was a successful day, considering the schools we were up against were all 5 and 6 A schools with outstanding athletes. The girls finished 6th overall (out of 11 teams), and unfortunately, the boys did not place.

Of course the day seemed a bit surreal because Avery was not bobbing along by our side. Our good friends, Dawn and Chris, volunteered to keep Avery at home for us so she could go about her normal routine. It was fun hearing their stories about her when we got home that night, and even more fun the next day when I would discover new things she had been taught. (Good things; nothing involving sticks or hitting me with them.)

To make a long story shorter, my point is that I missed Avery terribly. I saw her that morning at 7:30 when we left, but did not see her again until the following morning. So, I'm thankful that I am blessed to get to stay home with her each day. Otherwise, I would be pretty sad if I had to leave her everyday.


Kenny Simpson said...

I am glad you stay home with her also.

Amanda said...

Avery is adorable! Have you seen the picture of her, Aiden and Conner in the cabinets at Ashley's house? Hilarious. Avery has my headband on backwards. She's so cute! Oh, and I loved your blog about her drinking the "not so real" cleaning supplies. Something similar happened to Conner once and I think Michael about had a mild heart attack!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oooooo cute outfit! and i love the hair. ok thats it. im having a girl. staying home is SUCH a blessing. we even get to have our "notquitebutalmosttherescaryhobby" on the side. ;)
I dont see how mommies leave their babies. Even when he's in school and older, i want to be at home baking cookies for him when he walks in the door! Ok ill stop now.