Friday, December 01, 2006


Life around the Simpson home has been weird for the past week. Between Avery and me not being well, I feel sorry that Kenny has to come home to us each day feeling yucky. I finally thought we were on the downhill of things until late last night when Avery started throwing up.

Tons of scenarios run through your head: "Is it left over from her fever bug?" "She hit her head this morning on the coffee table; is this a side effect?" "Have I passed the flu back to her?" And to top it off, "When did that rash appear?"

Sometimes I wish I had gone to nursing school just so I wouldn't have to call the doctor for every single thing that happens to her. Common sense and motherly instincts can only take you so far.

To say the least, this morning has had its ups and downs. The only way I can function without hurting, feeling nausiated, or having a splitting headache of a lifetime, is with a miracle medicine that Kenny found at the store. Side effect: extreme drowsiness.

So, I have been fighting a nap while Avery has been fighting...whatever it is she's fighting right now. One second she's happy, thus making me happy and think she's better. Then, I turn around and she's crying in her tunnel for a reason I still have yet to find.

Between the giggles (which are few and far between) and the cries, of course she still has time to throw her sippee cup in the trash, pull a deflated balloon out of the trash, and last but not least...undecorate the Christmas tree.

Our house is not safe anymore.

The first time I left the room this morning, I came back to find three glass ornament balls in Avery's baby's crib, two glass balls in her Barbie Jeep, one in her hand, and various sports ornaments sprawled on the floor.

She was so proud of herself. She walked up to me with a football ornament (yes, we Simpsons have many sports ornaments on our tree...imagine that.) "Fuball!" She points and says. Next, "vuyball!" Yes, that's right.

Here's the kicker with the glass ornaments. Luckily none are broken (meaning: she was not cut to smitherines), but all were missing the top metal parts, which were in fact still hanging on the tree. You'd be surprised how camoflauged they can be when you're trying to find them all.

I still have one that I can't find. Maybe Kenny's eyes will help when he gets home.

Of course I popped her hand and said no for safety reasons. I really don't want her to get cut.

Now she walks up to the tree and says, "NO! NO!"

I hope I haven't warped her and she can still enjoy her "kitmas tee."


Anonymous said...

thats hilarious. aiden is doing the EXACT same thing. this isnt fun!!! i hope you are feeling better by now1 i know what its like to be miserable and still have to take care of a little one! love ya!

Kenny Simpson said...

she wont be warped.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that really does sound like madness!! I hope you are both feeling better soon!!

Kathy said...

Oh, sweet baby girl. Jeff said you were sick, jamey, so sorry. I did reply to your email, let me know if you didn't get it. We have a new internet provider and my emails have been dissappearing with astonishing frequency. Wish ken was home today to help you!

Love ya, MamaKat

Jamey said...

Haven't gotten your email...must have vanished with the others.

Went to the doc today...feel great with the help of some 'real' meds. No more OTC stuff.

sunny said...

I'm sorry to hear that things are crazy right now. I hope that you and Avery get to feeling better soon. It is so hard having a sick child on top of mommy not feeling well either!

Kathy said...

Sunny, you are so right about that! I was only 17 when Kenny was born and the first time _I_ got sick was when I realized what being a mom was . . . . still have to take care of the baby! Love you, Kenny, Mom